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Tinker and I(mainly Tinker) came to the conclusion that you could not have two versions of the same effects.xml activated.
It may cause a conflict even to have one specific weapon sound in two different .xml's

I wanted to increase the range of some male_voice responses but when I made a copy of the original .xml and put a edited version in my mod I got some odd effects with some of the sounds. Been awhile so I don't recall the exact issue it produced. 
P2 does not have the proper rolloff for suppressed weapons. To do it correctly the effects.xml would have to be overwritten in the P2 mod and not some mod  activated at a higher priority.

I never did this but with weapons a guy could take a weapon and rename the sounds associated with it. I'm sure there might be other ways where it was not required to overwrite the original .xml in the parent mod. The thing with overwriting the original, if someone joins a server and has not made that adjustment how does that effect them or others on the server? I don't know.

Not sure of the exact mechanics with suppressed weapons in the original game. If the enemy can hear it then they probably look for cover or go to the source of the sound. 

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If only I put that diligence towards things like getting the CENTCOM maps converted to HU game modes with the zoning and then sorting out all of the kit images so that it's not just a bunch of blank b

FPWV is nice. I figured out the crash. Just a kit trying to call a gun file that doesn't exist (mk17cqcap was supposed to be mk17cqc5xap, oof). Fixed. A couple screenshots. First one is new

So now that I've got the new character models in there, I'm thinking about going through and removing the "Ghost" CENTCOM reskins in order to save space since I find them mostly obsolete at this point

Posted Images

All of my custom weapon sounds are using the prefix "voa_" so that I have full control over the properties in the xml file. Some of the SD weapons are still using the regular sounds, so I need to collect all the ones I want and put them in.

I imagine being able to hear it would give the enemy a good idea on the source. I'll see about giving the regular range of maybe 40 meters instead of 25 meters as applicable. Some of the smaller weapons will probably end up being less, giving them a tactical advantage over say a suppressed rifle and making options like the MP5SD5 and MP5SD6 more attractive despite their lower power.

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Taking a look at how I want to handle AI backup in the different kit restrictions. I've got 10 setups (5 loud, 5 suppressed) that I'll look at making for each group as applicable. Will still feature some custom ones. These versions would only change the AI backup while still allowing you full options for that group. Since the final arsenal will barely have any suppressed machine guns, I will replace those with something else, usually a marksman rifle of some sort. For each selection, I would try to match the AI models appropriately (wouldn't make sense for a heavily armored character like the Special Forces Demolition


  • Standard: a basic but versatile setup featuring mid-sized weapons. Example: M4A1 Aimpoint w/M67 frags, M4A1 Eotech w/M72LAW, M249 w/P226
  • Standard SD: same as Standard, but with a marksman rifle instead of a machine gun. Example: M4A1 Aimpoint SD w/M67 frags, M4A1 Eotech SD w/M72LAW, SR25 SD w/M9 SD
  • Heavy: basically a weapons squad maximizing firepower with larger machine guns and multi-use rockets. Example: M4A1 Eotech w/M3MAAWS, M240 w/M1911, M4A1 Aimpoint w/Demo Blocks
  • Heavy SD: weapons squad with suppressed weapons and trades the machine gun for a marksman rifle. Example: M4A1 Eotech SD w/M3MAAWS, SD25 SD w/M9 SD, M4A1 Aimpoint SD w/Demo Blocks
  • Light: similar to Standard, but more compact weapons are used to maximize mobility without compromising firepower. Example: Mk18 Aimpoint w/M67 frags, Mk18 Eotech w/M72LAW, Mk46 w/P226
  • Light SD: Instead of a marksman rifle, replaces the LMG with a grenade launcher. Example: Mk18 Aimpoint SD w/M67 frags, Mk18 Eotech SD w/M72LAW, M4A1 Acog SD w/M203
  • Assault: specifically designed to maximize options for CQB. Frags allow for lethal room clearing, stuns for dynamic entries, and breaching charges for another option when doors are present. Example: Mk18 Aimpoint w/M67 frags, Mk18 Eotech w/M84 stuns, Mk18 Aimpoint w/breaching charges
  • Assault SD: suppressed version of Assault. Example: Mk18 Aimpoint SD w/M67 frags, Mk18 Eotech SD w/M84 stuns, Mk18 Aimpoint SD w/breaching charges
  • Assault SMG: switches CQB rifles with SMGs for primaries. Example: MP5 Aimpoint w/M67 frags, MP5 Eotech w/M84 stuns, MP5 w/breaching charges
  • Assault SMG SD: suppressed SMGs. Example: MP5SD6 Aimpoint w/M67 frags, MP5SD6 Eotech w/M84 stuns, MP5SD6 w/breaching charges

These are designed with COOP in mind but will allow for PvP. Will probably make some PvP specific kit restrictions as well. As for the main groups, here's what I'm looking at:

  • Special Forces
  • Navy SEALs
  • Delta Force
  • DEVGRU Plain Clothes
  • Delta Force Plain Clothes
  • CIA Ground Branch
  • British Special Air Service

Let me know what kit restrictions you're interested in seeing. Given that I don't usually do COOP with a ton of people, having several AI backup options is something I want to make sure happens.

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Getting close to having all of the weapons put in with decent settings. Below is the list of what I have right now. There are still some additions I need to make to it, but this should give you a feel of what to expect. Let me know if there's anything you think I missed or shouldn't be on there. Once I get it finalized, I don't plan on making any major changes to it and would prefer to not have to touch it at all while I make all of the kits.


-AK47 + GP-25
-AK47 + 1PN51 optic, polymer
-AK47S suppressed, polymer
-AK74 + GP-25
-AKS74U suppressed, polymer
-HK416 10"
-HK416 10" + AG416
-HK416 10" suppressed
-HK416 14"
-HK416 14" + AG416
-HK416 14" suppressed
-HK417 12"
-HK417 12" + AG416
-HK417 12" suppressed
-L119A1 Acog + L17A1
-L119A1 Acog + L17A1 suppressed
-L119A1 + L17A1
-M4A1 Standard
-M4A1 Standard + M203
-M4A1 Aimpoint Forward Mount + Surefire
-M4A1 Elcan
-M4A1 Modular Receiver Extension
-M4A1 Modular Receiver Extension suppressed
-M4A1 PVS14
-M4A1 PVS17
-M4A1 Acog
-M4A1 Acog suppressed
-M4A1 Acog + M203
-M4A1 Acog + M203 suppressed
-M4A1 Acog Crane Stock
-M4A1 Acog Crane Stock suppressed
-M4A1 Acog Crane Stock + M203
-M4A1 Acog Crane Stock + M203 suppressed
-M4A1 Acog Magpul Stock
-M4A1 Acog Magpul Stock suppressed
-M4A1 Acog Magpul Stock + M203
-M4A1 Acog Magpul Stock + M203 suppressed
-M4A1 Aimpoint
-M4A1 Aimpoint suppressed
-M4A1 Aimpoint + M203
-M4A1 Aimpoint + M203 suppressed
-M4A1 Aimpoint Crane Stock
-M4A1 Aimpoint Crane Stock suppressed
-M4A1 Aimpoint Crane Stock + M203
-M4A1 Aimpoint Crane Stock + M203 suppressed
-M4A1 Aimpoint Magpul Stock
-M4A1 Aimpoint Magpul Stock suppressed
-M4A1 Aimpoint Magpul Stock + M203
-M4A1 Aimpoint Magpul Stock + M203 suppressed
-M4A1 Eotech
-M4A1 Eotech suppressed
-M4A1 Eotech + M203
-M4A1 Eotech + M203 suppressed
-M4A1 Eotech Crane Stock
-M4A1 Eotech Crane Stock suppressed
-M4A1 Eotech Crane Stock + M203
-M4A1 Eotech Crane Stock + M203 suppressed
-M4A1 Eotech Magpul Stock
-M4A1 Eotech Magpul Stock suppressed
-M4A1 Eotech Magpul Stock + M203
-M4A1 Eotech Magpul Stock + M203 suppressed
-M4A1 Irons
-M4A1 Irons suppressed
-M4A1 Irons + M203
-M4A1 Irons + M203 suppressed
-M4A1 Irons Crane Stock
-M4A1 Irons Crane Stock suppressed
-M4A1 Irons Crane Stock + M203
-M4A1 Irons Crane Stock + M203 suppressed
-M4A1 Irons Magpul Stock
-M4A1 Irons Magpul Stock suppressed
-M4A1 Irons Magpul Stock + M203
-M4A1 Irons Magpul Stock + M203 suppressed
-M4A1 Reflex
-M4A1 Reflex suppressed
-M4A1 Reflex + M203
-M4A1 Reflex + M203 suppressed
-M4A1 Reflex Crane Stock
-M4A1 Reflex Crane Stock suppressed
-M4A1 Reflex Crane Stock + M203
-M4A1 Reflex Crane Stock + M203 suppressed
-M4A1 Reflex Magpul Stock
-M4A1 Reflex Magpul Stock suppressed
-M4A1 Reflex Magpul Stock + M203
-M4A1 Reflex Magpul Stock + M203 suppressed
-M4A1 Designated Marksman Rifle
-M4A1 Designated Marksman Rifle suppressed
-M4A1 Designated Marksman Rifle Crane Stock
-M4A1 Designated Marksman Rifle Crane Stock suppressed
-M4A1 Designated Marksman Rifle Magpul Stock
-M4A1 Designated Marksman Rifle Magpul Stock suppressed
-M14 Acog
-M14 Aimpoint
-M16A2 + M203
-M16A4 Aimpoint
-Mk14 Enhanced Battle Rifle Acog
-Mk14 Enhanced Battle Rifle Aimpoint
-Mk16 CQC Eotech
-Mk16 CQC Eotech + EGLM
-Mk16 CQC Eotech suppressed
-Mk17 Acog
-Mk17 Acog suppressed
-Mk18 Aimpoint
-Mk18 Aimpoint AN/PEQ
-Mk18 Aimpoint Crane Stock suppressed
-Mk18 Eotech
-Mk18 Eotech AN/PEQ
-Mk18 Eotech suppressed
-Mk18 Eotech Forward Mount
-Mk18 Eotech Forward Mount suppressed
-Mk18 Irons
-Mk18 Irons AN/PEQ
-Mk18 Reflex
-SR25 Acog
-SR25 Aimpoint
-SR25 Aimpoint suppressed
-SR25 Irons
-SR47 Aimpoint
-XCR Aimpoint 5x Magnifier
-XCR Aimpoint 5x Magnifier suppressed
-XCR CQB Aimpoint
-XCR CQB Aimpoint suppressed

Sniper Rifles
-AR15 Bushmaster Varminter
-AW Covert
-AWSM .338 Lapua
-AWSM .338 Lapua + ghillie
-DSR-1 suppressed
-GOL-Sniper Magnum
-GOL-Sniper Magnum + ghillie
-GOL-Sniper Magnum suppressed
-GOL-Sniper Magnum suppressed + ghillie
-HK417 16"
-HK417 16" + AG416
-HK417 16" suppressed
-HK417 20"
-HK417 20" suppressed
-M14 Sniper
-M16 ANPVS suppressed
-M21 suppressed
-M24 Camouflage
-M24 Night
-M40A3 suppressed
-M88 Special Applications Scoped Rifle
-M200 Intervention suppressed
-Mk11 suppressed
-Mk12 Special Purpose Rifle 20 rounds
-Mk12 Special Purpose Rifle 20 rounds suppressed
-Mk12 Special Purpose Rifle 30 rounds
-Mk12 Special Purpose Rifle 30 rounds suppressed
-Mk14 Enhanced Battle Rifle Sniper
-Mosin Nagant
-Remington 700
-Ruger 10/22 suppressed
-SPR-A5 suppressed
-SR25 PVS10
-SR25 PVS10 suppressed

Machine Guns
-CBJ-MS Light Support Weapon
-CBJ-MS Light Support Weapon suppressed
-M240 Elcan
-M249 Para Elcan
-M249 Para Eotech
-M249 Para Irons
-M249 Para PVS17
-Minimi C79 Elcan
-Minimi Para
-Mk43 Mod 0
-Mk43 Mod 1 Aimpoint
-Mk43 Mod 1 Elcan
-Mk46 Para Aimpoint 100 rounds
-Mk46 Para Aimpoint 200 rounds
-Mk46 Para Eotech 200 rounds
-Mk48 Acog
-Mk48 Aimpoint
-PKM 1P21

Submachine Guns, Personal Defense Weapons, and other Compact Weapons
-CBJ-MS Aimpoint
-CBJ-MS Aimpoint suppressed
-CBJ-MS Reflex
-CBJ-MS Reflex suppressed
-MP5 suppressed
-MP5 Aimpoint
-MP5 Aimpoint suppressed
-MP5 Eotech
-MP5N Tactical
-MP5SD5 Aimpoint
-MP5SD5 Eotech PVS
-MP5SD6 Aimpoint
-MP5SD6 Eotech
-MP5/10 suppressed
-MP7 suppressed

-M590 Breaching
-M870 Short
-M870 Short Breaching
-M1014 Aimpoint

-FN 5-7
-FN 5-7 suppressed
-FN Hi-Power
-FN Hi-Power suppressed
-Glock 17
-Glock 17 suppressed
-Glock 18
-Glock 18 suppressed
-Glock 19
-Glock 19 suppressed
-Kimber Tactical Law Enforcement
-Kimber Tactical Law Enforcement suppressed
-M9 suppressed
-M1911 Operator
-M1911 Operator suppressed
-Mk23 suppressed
-OTs-33 Pernach
-Sig P226
-Sig Granite Series Rail
-Sig Granite Series Rail suppressed
-Sig SP2009
-MP-443 Grach
-USP Tactical
-USP Tactical suppressed

Rockets and Missiles
-M136 AT4
-FGM-148 Javelin
-M72 LAW
-RPG-7 Taliban

Grenade Launchers (Standalone)
-M32 MGL
-M79 Thumper

-M67 fragmentation
-M68 fragmentation impact
-M84 stun
-RGN fragmentation
-RGN fragmentation impact
-RGO fragmentation
-RGO fragmentation impact

-Breaching Charge
-C4 Remote Charge
-C4 Demolition Block
-Flare White
-IED Demolition Block
-Smoke Grenade
-Spotting Scope

What I plan on adding:

  • HK45 (loud and suppressed variants)
  • A few more M14 marksman variants
  • Mk16 C-Mag (not sure I want to add this)
  • A few more Mk17 variants
  • M14 EBR variants from Blood Oil (not sure I want to add the drum magazine variant)
  • P90 (loud and suppressed)
  • SA58 variants

Considerations in my mind:

  • Drum magazines seem to be rarely used outside of a weapons like the RPD. I'm thinking about not including any of these weapons (outside of ones like previously mentioned) and forcing you to go loud if you want a high magazine capacity weapon.
  • Further reducing non magnifying weapon zoom. Might just do 1.25 (compact weapons) and 1.5 (larger weapons) rather than 3 divisions.
  • Removing pips outside of rockets. Haven't experimented with how this will affect gameplay, may just be a bad idea. Main goal is less point-and-click-to-win
  • Not everyone is a fan of the floating iron sights. I should be able to make a new set of textures of just the pips and set it up as an extraction options process similar to Blood Oil's high and low resolution options. Could also do this for things like the action icons and provide room for some personalization without affecting multiplayer. In theory at least.

I'm pretty happy with the OPFOR weapon selection. With that mostly settled, I can go through and adjust all the kits for all of Heroes Unleashed's game modes and get those working as well as its missions. I want that upgraded main campaign (though I'll probably add the extra missions to further down the list).

Due to storage space on my SSD, I don't know when I will release another beta version. It's very possible that my next release will be after I make a bunch of kits and get them in MP.

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Thanks, though there are definitely things I'm missing along the way. I know of a CTD bug with the rifleman kits centered around some Mk17 kits.

Got some nice sounds to play with as well from Insurgency. Unfortunately, mono and 22kHz takes a LOT out of them, but they still retain their impact. I'm ok with sounds that aren't as "pleasing" to listen to when shots at close range create the illusion of impact and are more realistic. Also helps that I've got a sound designer I'm talking with that is helping me to better understand how things work that I can hopefully use for this mod.


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You probably thought of this already. I don't have allot of experience making kits. When I make one it takes me too long for lack of experience.

Maybe the CTD with the kits has something being mis-identified in the 0 or 1 slot in the .kit file? 
The choices are HandHeldItem, Firearm, ThrownItem. Maybe one is just identified incorrectly?

I think a syntax error in a file won't let the game launch or causes a CTD immediately.

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Jack, you're right in the middle of my very narrow avenue of expertise right now haha. This looks really cool so I'll download the mod and check it out sometime this week, and see if I can nail the CTD problem if you don't figure it out first.

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FPWV is nice.

I figured out the crash. Just a kit trying to call a gun file that doesn't exist (mk17cqcap was supposed to be mk17cqc5xap, oof). Fixed.

A couple screenshots. First one is new menu background showing off new artwork by Operator Grim and another one with SP character change to HU - Tertia Optio v2. I doubt I'll stick with those exact skins. I'll probably be updating them later, not sure how modern I want to get with camouflage patterns and such.


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Some upcoming changes: massive sound overhaul. Will probably redo these sounds at some point but probably not change source material unless I find something new.

CQB optics (reflex, red dots, and holographics) have only the reticle in view for aiming to make them easier to use in CQB and represent what you should see when using them properly (optic body disappears).

Think I'm where I want to be with weapons. Here's some additions:

AK-107 (normal, grenade launcher, and suppressed variants)


G36C (normal and suppressed variants)


G36K (normal, grenade launcher, and suppressed variants)


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So currently in the process of integrating HU game modes and campaign missions into this. And discovered I still have a few weapons I want to add (P90s and cool SA58s). Some of the HU game modes work but not all (need to test further). And most of the campaign missions are CTD on mission startup. I think it has something to do with vehicles but not sure (Ike.log is useless). I need to play with it more.

EDIT: further testing shows that the few missions without vehicles do work. Now I need to figure out why those others missions don't work exactly. I may go with the "throw more of HU's assets in that may be related though not sure if they actually do until it works" approach, oof.

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Not saying I'll be any help.
Are the missions from HU version one?
Do they CTD in HU?
Maybe list the ones that CTD in HU.
Are you testing in SP or MP?
Are the CTD usually at the same point in a mission? 

I have been converting some missions from one mod to work in another mod.
Usually the ike.log has been a big help in pinning down CTDs. So it is probably unrelated to what I have converted in the missions I have worked on lately
which are:
Mission file points at an available .env file, actors, weapons and vehicles.
Usually the ike.log will note any that are missing. When substituting generally any .atr, .vcl or weapon kit names will work as long as they are available with associated files.

Missing .wav files so far do not cause CTD but are noted in the ike.log with a "Sound Uninitialized"
Some sounds only work in mono and will CTD if stereo. I don't know if the ike.log notes this.

Insertion zones out of bounds usually don't cause a CTD but might make it unplayable as characters may not be able to move onto the playable surface.

Insertions involved with playable and npc's riding in a vehicle may cause a CTD when killed and then trying to respawn or loading a save.

Some explosion effects cause CTD and not sure if the ike.log will note this. The lists of effects I have seen usually note the ones to stay away from.

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Heroes Unleashed version 1

Don't CTD in HU afaik (I just play it with CaD which doesn't mess with those missions)

Testing in SP

CTD in the loading screen

I may package it together with those missions replaced with the ones from v1.0.8b and leave the HU ones in the xtras somewhere if someone wants to play with it

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So threw in the text files for the missions that are in HU for some reason and seems to fix some of the things. Got mission 3 of DS started, also got Zebra Straw started but it crashed after moving like 1 foot.

Get a load of this Ike.log

Edit: More testing reveals I've basically gotten nowhere

Edited by Jack Wachter
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darkmap0mainmenu.rsb is the little scene behind the soldier in the loadout screen.. I don't think this causes a CTD.
The rest are references in a .map file. 

The env file used in a mission references a particular .map file usually found in the same folder as the env file along with all the map textures.
The setup of all of those types of files in one folder can vary but the files must be available somewhere in your mod or a mod that is activated. 
Check to see the .map file is present in your mod and the one referenced in the .mis file. Then check if the missing textures are there too. Almost certain a missing or incorrect .map file reference will cause a CTD. Not so sure about map textures. 

 .map file reference in a .env file

.env file referenced in a .mis file


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