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CENTCOM: Violence of Action

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CENTCOM: Violence of Action v1.0.6b

Some new skins added and some enemy weapon accuracy adjustments so that the enemy isn't magically getting headshots all the time (thanks to @EzyzBasta for bringing this to my attention). Not much else to it other than a couple items listed in the change log in the read me (the thing nobody reads).

I'll probably continue work on this at some point, but overall I've gotten somewhat burned out of OGR and got other things going on that are going to require my time, so probably be a while before another update (which may have some nifty new menu images, not going to say more there).

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On 26/08/2018 at 15:59, SKIP said:

Welcome back Jack!


Thing I want to do: incorporate a lot of HU's features into this mod.

Problem: to include what I want to, that will significantly increase the file size.

Idea: make this mod dependent on both CENTCOM and HU.

Think this is something I should go ahead and do?

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I think that this mod should be dependent to CENTCOM only. I'm thinking about to include some HK416 with Mp7 for the seals characters, and HK416 with 1911 for delta force. This and some new missions should be the direction to follow in my opinion.

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Yeah, probably best to keep it dependent to just CENTCOM since it's no longer in active development. As for those weapons, something that will probably come in time. I want to focus on getting more of the core gameplay in before adding in a bunch of little things.

Been plating around with a few things and have made some substantial changes:

  • Incorporating some high resolution sights (irons and optical sights)
  • Changed the ACOG sight to one with the red chevron
  • M240 weapon sound changed to the one from HU
  • M4 weapon sounds switched back to defaults (way more impact than the ones I put in)
  • Rate of fire overhaul (semi-auto = HU + 50 to get a more realistic feel without the laggy feeling, full auto based on research)
  • Some new menu backgrounds
  • Night vision and sniper masking switched to the ones from HU



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Working on naming overhaul for weapons and kits so that it can actually be organized and easier for me to work with in the future. In the process, found some interesting weapons that are unused AFAIK based on going through all the kit files.

  • M4A1 w/Elcan MGO
  • M4A1 w/PVS14
  • M249 Para w/Eotech
  • M249 Para w/PVS17
  • SR-47 w/Aimpoint

Seems that the weapons work properly for the most part. Need to fully test them to determine what works and what doesn't. The M249 Para variants seem to work fine, need to test the other weapons when I manage to fix some issues that came from the naming overhaul. And as for these issues... they're the CTD kind where the Ike.log just looks at you and shrugs since it has no idea ###### is going on.



Have some pretty pictures of what to look forward to. This is becoming a substantial update where I'm laying more of the groundwork for adding in content later.



EDIT: It was so simple... one file was called .gun in the kit files rather than .itm...


Have some pics. Looks like the guns work right.



Let's just say...


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Sounds good!
I was amazed how many M4 variants there are in the equip folder in Centcom.

I redid the strings.txt for the Centcom Adjustment Mod we used.
Took me awhile to get it where I wanted it. 

Centcom was a great mod but I think there is allot of content in it that never got used. 

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M4s for days. My personal faves are the Modular Receiver Extension (that extended rail that wraps around the front sight post), the forward mounted Aimpoint w/Surefire grip, and the night sight ones. Then there's the CQBR/Mk18 variants, with the forward mounted Eotech as my fave.

Found some unused model files I'm going to experiment with. Don't know what they look like in-game.

  • cent_mk46para_550aa (probably a Mk46 Para w/Eotech) EDIT: uses 200rnd box and Eotech. Will use.
  • cent_mk48mod0para (Mk48 para with unknown sighting configuration) EDIT: uses Aimpoint, only difference is small box instead of just belt. Not going to use due to how insignificant the difference is.
  • cent_pdw and cent_pdwsd (my guess is some MP5Ks) EDIT: doesn't have proper textures, not going to use

I can look at getting all of the VBSS models into MP since I think only 4 of the 6 are used in MP. There's also some SAS models of unknown origin. Hard to tell how high quality the actual model is given the textures, so not sure if they are one of Eskwaad's creations. I don't think I'm going to use them, though I am thinking about using the SAS models from HU.



What adjustments did you make to the Strings file? I've made some already in previous versions, but I plan on going through it again with the new setup.

Oh, what other adjustments are in your CENTCOM adjustment mod?

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This is most of the readme minus install instructions.




Adds M16 Sniper Wood SD by Natswana
Changes modscont.txt to Version 1.03

1.02 version: Added AR15 courtesy of Thumper; compiled the Centcom Adj patch into this version;
Changed SA80 sounds; changed mask_nv and mask_sr textures.

Changes aimed at MP co-op play by using the Nighthawks kit restriction. 

Playing alone, use MP mode with AI backup and the Nighthawk kit restriction for the full effect of changes. When playing with AI backup and NH kit restriction their kits will be OICW/GL, SA80/AT and MG3/frags.

1.01 version
-Revamped Command maps. Also included original command maps with grids as we like them. Centcom had a grid system that was hard to use.
-Magazine counts adjusted for AT(4), frags(6), GL's (8). Applies in MP and SP.
-Nighthawk kit restriction for MP.
-Changed a few textures for Desert, Iraq Riverbed and Prison Maps.
-Revamped reticles.
-Centcom missions made by Lightspeed and Tinker are included.  I put the Mission Fixes Patch in the mission folder also.
-aks_type56_bayonet_out weapon from YOTM and a kit which uses the bayonet on it as a weapon. The bayonet weapon is courtesy of 9E(riley_Fletcher).
-Beretta 93R pistol. Single fire or three round burst.
-Adjusted strings.txt.
-Changed some weapon sounds.
-Retextured M1 Abrams tank for desert. 
-Made NV sharper



Been awhile so I don't remember any specifics on editing the strings.txt. I could have done more but I think I decided good enough. I doubt it would be any good for you as many changes you are making.

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Interesting. Curious on those changed textures for some of the maps. I know the field on the Cliffs map could use some love since the plants there are pretty low res.

The SD weapon sounds in your HU Tags Multicam mod, where did they come from? I like them and want to use them if that's alright.

Out of those unused models, only going to use the Mk46 Para w/Eotech as a new weapon. The MP5Ks don't have the proper textures assigned to them and the Mk48 Para has very little difference between it and another one (the only difference is a small pouch instead of just a belt). May just do a model replacement instead of a new weapon.


Also, as far as the M4A1s go, I made a checklist of which variants from the M4A1 SOPMOD mod are included.


I have work to do.

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7 hours ago, Jack Wachter said:

The SD weapon sounds in your HU Tags Multicam mod, where did they come from? I like them and want to use them if that's alright.

Be my guest. I have no idea at this point where they came from. 

Centcom Adjustment Mod http://www.mediafire.com/file/h7bavbfl0bg4ba4/Centcom_adjustments.rar/file

and a patch  http://www.mediafire.com/file/auk9ckngsb15613/Patch_Centcom_Adj_Mod-V1.03.rar/file

I think both contain a readme . Use as you wish and I guess it is worth a credit if you use any of it.
We used it for MP purposes and used the kit restriction "Nighthawks" which contains some of Eskwaad's unused character models. 

Edited by wombat50
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Sweet, thanks. Already found some interesting stuff in the CENTCOM Adjustments.

Got all of the M4s from the M4 SOPMOD Mod by @pz3. Now you can choose between different stocks for a good portion of the variants. All of his glorious M4s in one place!

If I got the numbers right, here is the breakdown on the amount of M4s:

  • 74 M4A1 variants
  • 3 L119A1 variants (British M4A1, all 3 have the L17A1 grenade launcher attached, standard stocks)
  • 11 Mk18/M4 CQBR variants

This list doesn't count the different camouflage skins since I don't plan on using them (they aren't realistic since most painted weapons out there don't use a specific uniform camouflage pattern). You can load the M4 SOPMOD skin mods on top of CENTCOM to make it work, but it also affects some of the attachments on different weapons since some of pz3's optics and attachments were used on different weapons, so definitely some cooperation between the different modelers going on.


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IIRC I made the Adjustment Mod primarily so we could carry 4 AT's like the stock game. The kit restrictions were not to my liking either so made one that suited us better.
Did away with smoke grenades as AI can see through smoke although they looked great when used. 

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Working on adding new weapons. Most of the weapons from Blood Oil are getting added along with some weapons from Heroes Unleashed. What I've added so far:

  • A few more MP5 variants (10mm versions, SD6 w/Eotech and night optic, one with an Eotech, etc.)
  • UMP45
  • Remington 700
  • TRG-42
  • AW Covert
  • M24 with woodland paint
  • AK-103 and AK-104
  • M200 Intervention
  • PKM with scope
  • M590 breaching version

Some of what I plan to add:

  • HK416/417 series
  • P90
  • A few nice M1911 variants (Kimber, Sig, Springfield)
  • More pistols (57, HK45, USP Tactical)
  • SCAR L/H series
  • M32 MGL
  • USAS-12
  • AS-50
  • AWSM .338 Lapua Magnum
  • CBJ series
  • DSR1
  • XCR series
  • MP7
  • M40A3
  • M21
  • M25
  • A few more M14 variants

What I'm going for is a varied and meaningful selection without getting overly insane. Once I have an arsenal I'm happy with, I'll go through the not fun process of making all the kits and figuring out the kit images (I should be able to pull most of what I need from HU and its extras content. Thanks @ApexMods). With that selection made, I'll go through a MP kit restriction overhaul to provide lots of options for gameplay rather than the haphazard way I put the current MP kit restrictions together. Between the MP5 10mm (Heroes Unleashed), M1911 Operator (Blood Oil), and FBI HRT models (included in latest version of HU), I know what at least one of those new MP kit restrictions is going to look like.

As for new missions and maps, here's what I'm looking at:

  • Blood Oil (will get some more tropical environments to play in and a well constructed set of missions)
  • Frostbite (get some winter in there)
  • Do want to pull in some of the HU maps, mainly for MP. Would be maps I personally enjoy and can confirm their command maps work.
  • There's those training missions from the 9MS mod that I like. Want to pull some of those in.

Still interested in integrating more of HU's major features into this. Not sure how I want to go about this and if I do, it'll be later into this mod's development after I've setup most of the infrastructure.





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I thought the last version made a lot of significant changes compared to other versions. Version 1.0.8b then came around and said "hold my beer."

Current change log:


M590 breaching version added
New weapons added
Weapon sound adjustments
New action icons added from Heroes Unleashed extras
Muzzle flash scale overhaul
M24 reload sound switched back to CENTCOM default
Missions from 9MS mod added
Main theme changed
1990s Delta Force skins upgraded using the originals instead of HU versions
Blood Oil explosion textures added
MP5 sounds changed to Blood Oil sounds
Explosion sounds from Rockall added
More killhouse enemy and weapon varieties added
Desert and jungle killhouses added
Winter assets removed for later winter expansion
Heroes Unleashed game mode integration assets addition started
Heroes Unleashed "motion" folder added
M4 sound fixes (some suppressed weapons act as loud weapons, a few with the opposite situation)
Project Novo assets added for updated visual appearance
M16A2/M203 scope bug fixed

So getting more weapons integrated. Ended up taking the UMP45 out since the model is low quality and also has the muzzle flash misaligned. Still got plenty to add but things are going smoothly.

Some bug fixes. M16A2/M203 used a sniper scope for some reason. I also failed to make sure that all of the M4 variants are using the proper sounds and are marked correctly for suppressed/unsuppressed. That has been fixed.

Added some more training missions and added alternate versions that vary up the enemies and weapons. For the main killhouses, there are now 4 versions (with the proper visuals):

  • GRS: R6 enemies, MP5s and one guy with an AK47
  • Transitional: enemies and weapons from "Ghost Recon" campaign.
  • Arid: enemies and weapons from "CENTCOM" and "Desert Siege" campaigns. Probably the most dangerous due to interior RPGs.
  • Jungle: enemies and weapons from "Island Thunder" campaign.

Outside of training missions (mostly from 9MS mod), I added the 9MS mission "Farmhouse Challenge" that involves a hostage rescue that is easy, but quite punishing. I made 4 versions for different environments:

  • Day
  • Day Fog (basically the original setting)
  • Night
  • Night Fog

Now for 2 major decisions I've made:

  • Get HU's missions and game modes.
  • Use Project Novo's assets for massive visual upgrade

This basically means that the mod size has now shot up to a little under 5 GB right now. However, I feel this size increase is worth it due to how much these will change the gameplay. It will probably increase again once I get to adding the Blood Oil missions. As for winter content, I plan on making that a separate expansion mod, mostly due to a sound issue with moving through snow sounding like water and potential for me to make some winter weapon textures. As for final size, 7.5 GB is sounding like a reasonable limit at this stage in development based on some of what I want to add, but I will try to keep it under 10. Will have to see where it goes.

Screenshots at various stages in development




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IIRC the Blue Ghost map from Frostbite is the only winter map that suffers from the walking in water sound.
Players and AI do wade through the snow. The mod makers tried to make a sound that would work for both wading in water and snow but it was not totally successful.
Kudos for all the work you are doing Jack.

I have relit maps of ig_downtown, day and night and redid some textures for them too.
The released version never appeared to have the lighting tool applied.
I also have missions for ig_downtown that were from Sixpence but I made some fixes and additions to them.
Hit me up if interested.

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Definitely interested, wombat. Am curious what kind of missions they are.

As for the wading, there’s other things that a winter specific expansion will allow me to do:

-Reskin weapons without needing to use reskinner tool, make new .gun files, and make new kits

-Possibly reskin the CENTCOM characters for winter environments (not sure if this is a thing I’ll do or not)

-Use the wading sounds

-Make the OPFOR for game modes actually dressed for winter

Currently planning for it being separate expansion but still very fluid. To do all of the above would still be a lot of work.


Funny thing about the wading sound: whenever I integrated Frostbite into Cloak-and-Dagger (that name actually annoys me now), I put in the wading sound and thought the sounds for moving through water were completely normal. It wasn’t until someone mentioned it during PvP that I noticed. Pretty sure it’s in one of my videos as well.

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Setup as a mod until you wish to add it to one of your mods. Run at highest priority. Requires DS, IT patched to 1.4
Contains a readme. We have played it on a dedicated server numerous times so I think it should work now if I included all the necessary files.
Let me know about any crashes etc. 

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Will do. Looks like there are some differences with the enemy placement and layout in the day and night versions of the mission.

One change I'm looking at making is in how I handle suppressed weapons. From what research I've done, it seems that one of the main benefits of suppressors is gaining the ability to COMMUNICATE effectively. Stealth is a plus, but it seems that it's a bit overemphasized with the current settings. I'm thinking about increasing the range at which suppressed weapons can be heard at by editing the effects.xml file. Weapons like the integrally suppressed MP5 series will probably be left alone. Would use the Heroes Unleashed values as the base, it uses a max sound range of 25 meters for most suppressed weapons (including the likes of the M200SD).

I don't have any experience with suppressors or the in-depth knowledge of the exact game mechanics related to them, so I'm not sure how best to realistically approach this. Anyone got able to shed some light on how to most realistically represent suppressors?

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