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Response to Bluefox 10 Commandments

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What a great article this is by Bluefox - stating some (all?) of the major player concerns with Ghost Recon Wildlands.

If these were addressed in Wildlands 2, what an absolute show stopper of a game this would be.

Here's my own personal opinion of Bluefox's 10 Commandments, chip in with your own!

#1 Thou shalt obey no other command before mine

This commandment discusses the lack of "I" in Wildlands friendly AI. It promotes a return to the micromanagement of the original, ie let the player fully command his squad with ROE and pathing. I fully endorse this! However the Wildlands Dev team have been clear - this was never their intention of Wildlands.

#2 Thou shalt not have an image not graven by me

This commandment discusses AI kit customisation, which was recently added to Wildlands after the Gods (the Devs) listened to the screams of the minions (us gamers). Blueofx goes further though, asking for clothing to have an impact on gameplay. For me, this is stretching things a little - I think it's great that we can finally customise the AI and thank the gods for this improvement. I won't be praying for much else though.

#3 Thou shalt not take communication in vain

The monotony of the AI chatter and constant joke repetition are the deal breakers here. I agree it breaks immersion and I also think that if such as feature is included, it needs to have a massive dictionary of phrases, or not done at all. Anything other than a multitude of phrases cheapens the game, and Wildlands is worth more than that. For this reason I fully endorse this and pray for a comms upgrade!

#4 Remember to Rest

This commandment suggest permadeath for team AI! How could this be so? Well, it did actually exist in the original Ghost Recon, but the team setup was entirely different, and not appropriate for Wildlands. While I always have a hardcore tendency,  in this case, I think this is a bridge too far. I do however agree that they should be affected by stamina the same way the player is, so I am kind of on the fence about this one. 

#5 Thou shalt honour thy Line of Sight

This is the mother of all commandments and should be #1! Setting up with synchronized shot with the team AI is a great feature, but it is totally blown by weird line of sight algorithms that approve of shooting through solid objects such as buildings to take out pre-assigned targets! I so hate seeing this in game. It is a BUG in my opinion, and I fully endorse this commandment!

#6 Thou shalt not kill

Rules of Engagement (ROE) are the focus of this commandment, which prays for more control. It's not even really micromanagement, it's just MANAGEMENT. I fully endorse this commandment and rank it second only to the Line of Sight above.

#7 Thou shalt not commit adultery with thy enemy

I retract my previous statement because this commandment should take precedence above all others! Team AI that suddenly become invisible when walking right past the enemy, so close they can sniff what they've been smoking? This is very poor and another immersion breaker! I can't actually recall how GRAW handled this, but in wildlands, this really needs addressed and I super fully endorse this commandment.

#8 Thou shalt not steal

Why can almost every AI character in Wildlands drive or fly, and yet our own team cannot?! This commandment makes a valid point, however it is difficult to imagine how it could be implemented. However, I can EASILY imagine the fun and being a back seat Ghost shooting out of the window while my AI buddy races down some dirt track in chase of a convoy. I can also imagine developers visualising this type of gameplay and recognising how freaking cool it would be - so while I do not miss this from Wildlands at the moment, I fully endorse it as a feature further down the line!

#9 Thou shalt not bear false witness

This commandment is similar to #3 as it decries the repetition of AI messages such as "over by the tyres". This feature was hugely immersive and impressive when first experienced, but quickly became an immersion breaker - which is the exact polar opposite of what a feature such as this sets out to do. As per #3, I fully endorse this commandment and would LOVE to hear a fuller more extensive library of conversation such as Bluefox describes.

#10 Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s weapons

Weapon loadout for AI team members. It's a no brainer and it is therefore fully endorsed!


Thanks to Bluefox for such a great piece, I really enjoyed it and I'm hoping the devs did too!




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While I'm hoping there isn't a Wildlands 2, not because wildlands isn't worthy of a sequel, it's just simply because I think it's already had a nice well rounded ending that leads on well to the events in GR:FS, and I think adding a sequel to wildlands would be a bit cheap. but I wouldn't be opposed to it if it resolved many problems the original game had. such as AI.  I do agree with most of these points, if not all of them.

But the one thing I would like to see make a return is soul switching, it was the ultimate micromanagement tool, which allowed you to put a teammate in the exact position they needed to be in to take a shot or stage an ambush. 

One of my biggest pet peeves was giving the AI teammates a target, they'd lose the shot but never reposition to re-acquire it, having soul switching would negate this as you could take control of them yourself and place them where they need to be. 

I would like to see something like target prioritization in the future, similar to sync shot but you set target priorities, so they then deal with those in priority order when given the command to go hot. Colour coding the teammates with numbers would ensure a nice seamless transition into this.   

In the same vein I'd like to see refinements to the enemy AI as much as the teammate AI, it's been covered a little here, they prioritize you as a target, to the point of walking past a teammate to gun you down. 

I'd like to see the enemy try to outmaneuver you, as it's very easy to outmaneuver them currently by just firing off a few shots and running off, and they have far too much of a tendency to just run at you, completely disregarding cover or concealment.

I'd like to see the enemy AI have much more of a hierarchy in which they act like a team/platoon/pair so they are less likely to be caught off guard. 

I'd also like to see the enemy AI attempt to ambush you at random points while you're on the move, and have more dynamic moving patrols along the world, that make it much more difficult to predict where they are and where they will be. 

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Soul switching was great I agree. In Wildlands the focus was definitely on playing the part of the lead character - the story driven campaign and the cut scenes all work because of that direction. But soul switching was a fun game mechanic.

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I think there are ways in which soul switching can be done and still have the narrative remain the same. Like maybe you can only play a soul switched character for a set time period, or there are forced areas in which you play as nomad/mitchell/insert name here and the cutscenes still only involve the team lead getting the orders. 

The narrative of GR:W when in the world is very open ended to make the co:op experience much more seamless. So I think soul switching with the same narrative elements is still very possible with some thought and some brainstorming. 


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