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Heroes Unleashed Mechanics Topic

Greetings, I am freshly new here so hopefully this is the correct place to speak about Ghost Recon related topics so forgive me if this is incorrect. First wanted to start of by saying how MUCH I LOVE the Ghost Recon Heroes Unleashed mod however there are a few things that are a bit disappointing and I'm just curious if anyone else finds these relatable. 

1. The lack of progression in the Heroes Unleashed mod kind of is misfortunate. I loved upgrading my guys through campaign making it feel rewarding to keeping them alive throughout each mission, seeing that there was 300 missions I was like "Woah they will max out before the end!" unfortunately that didn't work out lol. Its not a major killer since there are many other positive things in the mod such as randomization, better AI, special events, and much more added into it. However this was just a small querk that just existed.

2. Demos lack of ability to get stuff done. Like I notice almost all classes in campaign can carry a single fire rocket launcher now. Which is cool, however it sort of steals the demos job on providing specialized explosive support which is rather disappointing. He could have at least had a kit that gave him 2 rockets instead of just 1 like every other operator including snipers can carry. Plus if your playing missions with like my brother for example just the 2 of us in LAN. We cant play missions like the end of Desert Siege because it requires more than 2 rockets and with us 2 it doesn't allow us to really do what's needed. Plus in story trying to keep every operator alive just for a single shot is kinda silly (in my opinion).

3. This is just a small quirk but when comes to multiplayer I wish it would allow AI weapon set up or at least chose what's needed for the mission so that if you are just 2 players trying to complete a mission or play it you wont have to wait t'ill you have more people to do so. Kind of going back to #2 but just a idea. 

Overall I love the Mod a lot and enjoy playing campaign again with all the new content, however I just felt like seeing if anyone else finds these little things bothersome. Anyways nice to meet the new community and ill see you guys around best I can! 

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I personally don't really care about the progression that much. I'm mostly concerned with the flow of missions and the story involved. That's just me though.


I'm ok with single shot rockets having 1 or maybe 2 shots. However, reloadable/reusable rockets having only 1 shot is weird and defeats the point of them.


AI weapon setup is determined by the first 3 actors in each team and the first kit listed. In order to get different setups without changing how the game works, you need different kit restriction files. This part of why Cloak-and-Dagger has so many kit restrictions, to allow for AI backup of different kit styles.

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