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The SCUD Hunters are Back

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Checking out the PC version for the free weekend! It's awesome but as I suspected my computer performance couldn't handle the cool graphics without some serious tweaks. Anyway I decided to bring the Conflict: Desert Storm team out of retirement!







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I may tire of these outfits but I rarely get them mixed up with the enemy. The ghillie pants are OK but would prefer them like chaps were the ghillie portion is on the front of the legs.
If your are going cowboy might as well go all out. 

Edit: Played the other day but today while launching the game I'm receiving a 3Gb download for the game. 😮
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon  Wildlands Screenshot 2018.09.17 -

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon  Wildlands Screenshot 2018.08.04 -

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I had my allies run around in Splinter Cell outfits for a while since I got tired of changing them for different environments. As for my character however, I had some nice setups going. Here's one of them. Most of my setups involve running a harness with a pack on. Played around with headgear some, mostly boonie hats and beanies. I'd change the camo around for different environments except for more extreme environments, usually sticking with a solid color coat and the Multicam variants. As for my weapons, I normally ran with Mk14 + MP7 since it's more realistic and extremely versatile. Forget what handgun I ended up settling on, ran 5.7 for a while.

I'll see about posting more once the update finishes (it's much larger for non-Steam users).



EDIT: pic dump




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