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Splinter Cell AI Talk

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Blacklist is an excellent stealth action game. Maybe not so much an excellent Splinter Cell game but it's a great game nonetheless. The enemy AI is fantastic and some of the best that mainstream gaming has to offer. The part where the goon told the other guy that he was checking something out only to be taken down leading to his friend wondering where he is? That's not just a scripted event, I've actually seen that happen during gameplay. Best part? He was calling out his name!

The game also highlights the importance of communicating the AI's intention in a way that is immersive and makes sense. Most stealth games would have the enemy split up and sweep an area as individuals in complete silence. In Blacklist the AI will sweep methodically as a two-man group then has one of them tell the other that they could cover more ground by splitting up.

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Spot on. I'm playing through the game again after getting in the mood from the Wildlands mission. This time I turned off the music just to pay a bit more attention to the AI. There are a lot of small details in conversations and actions, like AI making the rounds making sure certain doors were still locked. You can tell a lot of hard work went into the AI working like it does, especially after the video shows you a bit of what to look for.

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