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Confused About Ansel/Photo Mode

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Nvidia has tried to streamline it maybe a couple weeks ago with the latest version of GeForce Experience.
alt + F1 is a straight screen shot.

alt + F2 as you say is 'photo mode' with movable camera and where filters can be used to enhance the pic.

Alt + F3  is 'Game Filter' where filters can alter the appearance of the game.

I like Ansel but I don't think they will fix the issue of the memory leak when allot is going on Ansel freezes the game. 

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Okay, I just got really confused there, I don't think there has been any announcement as such that Ansel has been changed to Photo mode.

Like you said, looks like Nvidia is just trying to make things more consistent with these new features.

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I know this is an old thread but thought it the best place for my post.

Occasionally my character can only face one direction after using Ansel. I can move using the WASD keys but can't face the direction I'm moving.
For example I only face North and can't face any other direction. Does not make the game crash but it's unplayable.
Anyone else encounter this? Using the current version of GeForce Experience: ‎

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Edit: Did the same a couple of times today. Instead of closing the game and restarting, I restarted Ansel photo mode and upon exiting it my character was back to normal. Did not work first time, every time but if I restarted Ansel and exited enough times, my character's movement became normal again. Ansel is great but it is buggy to say the least. 

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52 minutes ago, Rocky said:

So after using ansel, and returning to the game - you character is not responding correctly?

Ill give it a try....

Exactly. Not everytime but often enough that I don't want to use Ansel in a mission I'm intent on completing.
I use a 1050 TI and this might be part of the reason. Maybe a higher end card like a 1080 TI is more capable using Ansel and not prone to having as many bugs or freezes.


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Alt + F2 is the default for photo mode aka taking screenies with Ansel. 
This key bind was hard or impossible to change but at some point they changed where it could be.
Bring up the GeForce Experience overlay using Alt + Z and under settings/keyboard shortcuts you can edit "photograph the scene"

Change Alt_F2.jpg

I don't think I could have gotten this screenie unless I had changed that hotkey to something handier. Besides allot of programs like Photoshop use the hotkey (Alt + F2).
Beware: Action scenes are much more likely to crash the game using Ansel.
Motorcycle Tiny.jpg

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