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HU Addon: Cloak-and-Dagger

Jack Wachter

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Download Version 2.0: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Uc73kUeiWPLQ2y_VwCYlEIp1IwKfRdIa

Download Size: 873 MB

Full Mod Size: 3.74 GB

Read Me


Heroes Unleashed Addon: Cloak-and-Dagger
Version: 2.0
Author - Jack Wachter (jackwachter09@gmail.com)

See "Credits.txt" for credits related to mod content

Install the "Cloak-and-Dagger v2" folder into the "Mods" folder.

__Activation Order
Desert Siege
Island Thunder
Heroes Unleashed
Cloak-and-Dagger v2.0

Cloak-and-Dagger is an expansion to Heroes Unleashed (HU) v1.0.1. This mod is designed to enhance gameplay even further than it already has been. The main features include a
greatly increased weapon selection (for SP), new skins, and a few balancing features that significantly change gameplay (primarily noticeable in CQB). Missions from other mods
have been incorporated here to give you more options for SP and MP. Keep in mind that this is going for realism. If arcadey gameplay is your thing, this mod may not be for you.

__Support (for bugs, what you think, what you want added/changed, etc.)
Email: jackwachter09@gmail.com
GhostRecon.net Profile: http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?/profile/29296-jack-wachter/
Official Thread: http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?/topic/61813-hu-addon-cloak-and-dagger/
Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198084719110/
Discord: https://discord.gg/WfaggSC


1. Explanation of Certain Features
2. How to Use Certain Mod Features
3. Mod Contents and Adjustments
4. Change Log
5. Mod Permissions

1. Explanation of Certain Features

__MP Kits
I've left the kit restrictions from Heroes Unleashed (ammo and all) as-is. There are new kit restrictions labeled with the prefix of either "CaD" (Cloak-and-Dagger) or "KISS"
(Keep It Simple, Stupid). The "CaD" kit restrictions include a large class-based COOP setup, the HU kit restrictions with more ammo, HU-styled kit restrictions for all of the
new skins, and some PvP-based ones. The "KISS" kit restrictions are great for PvP and if you want more of an old school feel since they have weapons with iron sights (except
sniper rifles and some rockets), no suppressors, bolt-action snipers only, and other minor adjustments. Probably went a bit overboard, but they are fun kit restrictions to use.
Tactics become more important, engagement ranges are typically shorter, and firefights more intense. Good luck trying to shoot your way out of a mistake, it's a lot harder with
the KISS kit restrictions.

__MP COOP Kit Class System
The COOP kit restrictions are designed for COOP (obviously) with different skins meant for different campaigns. Weapon selection is practically identical except for some weapon
skin changes for the Frostbite kit restriction. There are a total of 16 classes, each with their own specialty. There is some overlap between classes. Keep in mind that what is
written below is the general rules I used and that exceptions could and probably do exist.

Rifleman: basic class, uses mid-sized to full-sized rifles
Rifleman CQB: compact to mid-sized rifles
Demolitions: same as Rifleman, but has rockets, grenade launchers, and demolition charges available as secondaries
Demolitions CQB: same as Rifleman CQB with same secondary selection as Demolitions
M4 Rifleman: uses the M4A1 SOPMOD of all varieties and camouflage paint
M4 Demolitions: same as M4 Rifleman with the standard Demolitions secondary selection
Pointman: SMGs, shotguns, and compact rifles
Pointman Demo: same as Pointman with the standard Demolitions secondary selection
Breacher: equipped with Rifleman weapons with breaching charges as secondary
Breacher CQB: equipped with more compact weapons and breaching charges as secondary
Light Support: uses LMGs as primary weapons
Heavy Support: uses GPMGs and higher-caliber LMGs as primary
HE and AT Support: high explosive and anti-tank, uses grenade launchers and rockets as primary weapons
Marksman: focuses on relatively smaller weapons and semi-automatic weapons
Sniper: focuses on relatively larger weapons and bolt-action weapons
Heavy Sniper: anti-material rifles as primary

__Increased stabilization time for most weapons (mostly just the HU weapons, others left alone)
The increased stabilization time is designed to help simulate combat stress by making weapons a little but harder to use. Goal is to emphasize smart, tactical gameplay rather
than point-and-click. Moving tactically rather than running around everywhere will allow you to engage any threats accurately faster, so deciding to run quickly could backfire
in the sense that you aren't able to recover by simply shooting first.

__Increased semi-automatic rate of fire
In base HU, semi-auto was slow and really annoying. In CQB, you were almost forced to go full-auto or burst mode to make sure you took down enemies quick enough. With the
increased rate of fire, semi-auto is now viable in CQB and for suppressing targets with rapid fire (though less accurate).

__Heavier body armor
Base HU had the heaviest armor provide minimal protection against rifle rounds. Now, the heaviest body armor provides greater protection against rifles (though most still get through)
and increase your survivability. Don't expect to be a bullet sponge, however. Armor is designed to let you stay in the fight long enough to get to cover and take out the enemy. Beware
of enemies with the highest level of body armor since they may be able to take more shots than you're used to.

__Increased ammo
Base HU had ammo way too low. Since some missions end up requiring a lot of ammo and there is no way to adjust ammo in the kit selection screen, the simplest solution is to
increase the ammo in all player kits, staying within realistic confines. While ammo is increased, it's not high enough for you to be careless. Extra ammo kits may be worth
looking into.

__SP Class Setup
Rifleman: largest selection of weapons split into 3 specialties to ease loading times. Does NOT have access to grenade launchers and rockets.
    Regular: equipped with weapons ranging from small carbines to non-DMR battle rifles
    Assault: equipped with carbines, SMGs, and shotguns (some weapon overlap with regular rifleman)
    Marksman: equipped with marksman rifles and some semi-automatic sniper rifles
Demolitions: similar primary selection to rifleman, but have secondaries not available to the Rifleman class (grenade launchers, demo charges, and rocket launchers)
Support: machine gunner class, secondary selection does have grenade launchers and rockets
Sniper: long-range rifles, secondary selection does have grenade launchers

Weapons not available as primaries: rocket launchers, grenade launchers, and pistols (still available as secondary weapons)
Specialists work off of a more limited "classic" weapon selection and no specialties in the rifleman class
Winter specialists use the same kits as the other specialists, but with winter weapons added

What this class selection does is give a purpose to each class. Rifleman are your most versatile, able to engage anywhere from close-range to mid-range, but also able to engage
at long-range with certain kits. Due to the secondary restriction (which has been expanded from previous versions), the Demolition class covers not only your rocket and demo charge
needs, but can augment the firepower of your squad with a grenade launcher while still covering the basic rifleman role. Due to the specialization of the Support and Sniper classes,
I didn't apply any extra secondary restrictions to them. Each class has it's purpose, use them well in order to accomplish your mission.

2. How to Use Certain Mod Features

__How to use the compass
The pointer for the compass in GR reverses East and West (this is because the pointer always points to North). Since the compass texture itself doesn't rotate, E and W
have been reversed so that the pointer always correctly indicates the direction you are facing (corresponds to command map correctly).

__Play other missions and campaigns not included (can't guarantee there won't be conflicts that cause issues)
Change the activation order to the following:
Desert Siege
Island Thunder
(insert mission packs and campaigns here)
Heroes Unleashed
Cloak-and-Dagger v2.0

__Increased Ammo for MP
The original HU kit restrictions have been left untouched. Make sure you are using one of the new kit restrictions included in Cloak-and-Dagger.

3. Mod Contents and Adjustments

__General gameplay and balancing
Heavier body armor
Semi-automatic rate of fire increased for most weapons (now viable in close quarters and for suppressing fire)
Kits from different units in HU compiled, increasing weapon selection significantly
Ammo increased on most weapons in SP (reloadable rocket launchers get more ammo, but non-reloadable don't get more ammo, multiplayer ammo the same)
MP kit ammo increase
Some new weapon sounds
Compass from Not A Game used because E and W are reversed like the in-game pointer (aids in calling out targets in COOP, don't have to open command map to call direction)
Realistic Wound Textures used
Action Icons used
Flashbang settings adjusted so they do no damage (settings same as Burner's flashbangs)
New explosion textures from Blood Oil
Custom menu background images used
Grenade launcher rate of fire increased to prevent unnecessary delay of firing
Increased weapon stabilization time

__Playable characters
Regular SP characters are the Ghosts from my skin mod, HU - Tertia Optio with some custom skins mixed in
Specialists are all winter Ghosts from my skin mod, Frostbite - Tertia Optio
All playable SP characters have 250 in all stats, including specialists

__Mission additions and modifications
Some map tagging issues fixed (thanks wombat)
Added missions get "0-" prefix added to make them appear first
GRS Map Pack 3 added for extra kill house with different weather and missions (briefing for kill house clearing missions modified)
Wet Sun mission added
Tactical Net missions added (removed unlock requirement for missions)
Serpentine Dream Theory missions added
9MS mod with missions added (see extra resources for full briefings of missions)
Frostbite added
Blood Oil added

__New kit restrictions for MP (in order of appearance, doesn't include those already in HU)
CaD COOP Tertia Optio
CaD COOP Tertia Optio Winter
CaD COOP Ghost Recon Legacy
CaD COOP Ghost Recon Multicam
CaD COOP Frostbite
CaD COOP Frostbite SEALs
CaD COOP Serp. Dream Theory
CaD COOP Blood Oil
CaD COOP Mega Pack
CaD PvP Violent Resolution
CaD PvP Arctic Fury
CaD PvP Irregulars: TertiaOpt.
CaD PvP Irregulars: CIA SAD
CaD PvP Irregulars: Ghosts
CaD PvP Irregulars: Ghosts MC
CaD PvP Irregulars: Shadow
CaD PvP Irregulars: Alfa
CaD PvP Irregulars: Vega
CaD PvP Irregulars: USMC
CaD PvP Irregulars: Delta
CaD PvP Irregulars: KSK
CaD PvP Irregulars: SAS
CaD PvP Irregulars: SEALs
CaD PvP Irregulars: PMC
CaD PvP Irregulars: Task Force
CaD PvP w/VIPs
CaD US Army Ghost Recon
CaD RUS Spetsgruppa Alfa
CaD RUS Spetsgruppa Vympel
CaD US Marine Corps
CaD US Army Delta Force
CaD DE Kommando Spezialkraefte
CaD UK Special Air Service
CaD US Units Team VS
CaD Non-US Units Team VS
CaD Joint Task Force
CaD Private Military Company
CaD Shadow Recon
CaD CIA Ground Branch
CaD Winter Warfare
KISS US Army Ghost Recon
KISS RUS Spetsgruppa Alfa
KISS RUS Spetsgruppa Vympel
KISS US Marine Corps
KISS US Army Delta Force
KISS DE KommandoSpezialkraefte
KISS UK Special Air Service
KISS US Units Team VS
KISS Non-US Units Team VS
KISS Private Military Company
KISS Shadow Recon
KISS CIA Ground Branch
KISS Winter Warfare
KISS Joint Task Force
CaD Sniper Battle
CaD Sniper Battle No VIS

4. Change Log

__Version 1.0
Original release

__Version 1.1
Original Heroes Unleashed textures restored to Wilderness map (Tactical Net had some weird looking ones that overrode the HU ones)
Bug fix related to new skins in MP fixed (MP actor files are picky)
MP Ghost skins changed to legacy Ghost skins
Previous MP Ghost skins changed to CIA SOG
Some new kit restrictions for CIA SOG and some modified to incorporate CIA SOG skins

__Version 1.2
Max level body armor effectiveness reduced, still capable of taking multiple 5.56x45mm and 7.62x39mm shots to the chest
Minor actor fix with some 9MS missions using specialists
Kill house mission enemies body armor upgraded to max level to help you train for tougher enemies in CQB
HU weapons only: Legacy zoom added to weapons (weapons without scopes now more viable)
HU weapons only: Semi-auto rate of fire adjusted to the full-auto/burst rate of fire of weapons (600 rpm for most weapons without full-auto/burst mode available)
HU weapons only: Stabilization time of weapons increased (CQB not hindered much, longer range engagements should now last longer and require more tactical fire and maneuver, bolt action sniper rifles have even higher stabilization times)
Original Heroes Unleashed textures restored to Stronghold map
Actor names of non-players all changed to <ActorName>" "<ActorName/> so they don't appear when killed
Ammo in kits adjusted and more consistent
SP rifleman kit folder trimmed to reduce size (still very large selection)
Class restructuring for SP
Binocular functionality when not using weapons restored
Frostbite mod added in full (previously had just the Winter Ghosts)
Specialists rifleman and demolition roles separated (2 rifleman, 2 demo, 1 support, 1 sniper for each 6-man team)
Some weapon sounds changed (most notably AK rifles, now sound more threatening)
CIA SOG MP characters changed to Private Military Company
Various M24s added: M24 ghillie and regular, M24 ballistic (ghillie and winter), M24 ballistic visible projectile (ghillie and winter)
Winter M4A1 SOPMOD Crane Stocks added, doesn't overwrite the regular black M4A1 SOPMOD (thanks Apex for not using the same names for the models and textures so that this was possible)
MP kit overhaul
Enemy weapon kit adjustments

__Version 1.2.1
MP kit restriction fix

__Version 1.3.0
Blood Oil incorporated
MP kit restriction shotgun fix
SP main player skins replaced with CIA skins from Blood Oil
Blood Oil CIA skins added to MP
Zoom icon restored on command map
Some menu music changes
Flashbang textures removed, using explosion textures from Blood Oil (explosion isn't just black smoke, has noticeable flame that makes it feel plausible for both grenades and flashbangs)
Panoramic Night Vision removed (no skins have the GPNVG-18, plus NV is overpowered as is, trying to be more realistic and balanced this way)
Supersonic bullet crack sounds added
Zoom values corrected (I was wrong about which optics were on certain weapons, fixed those, thanks Apex for the information on optics)
SP kit modifications, partly done to reduce loading times in SP
Finished MP ammo adjustments for kits with pistols, rockets, and grenade launchers as primaries
Further weapon stabilization adjustments
New menu background images
New debris textures for claymores and rockets
No rocket trail for AT
Flashbang explosion switched to claymore visual which now has sparks
Lighter smoke used for flashbangs to simulate "whiteout" effect, also affects rockets and claymores
Most MP player characters have armor reduced so they aren't walls (body armor isn't meant to take a bunch of shots anyway)
Max body armor reduced again (doesn't stop common rifles, but provides some protection, body armor isn't meant to make you a tank)
Claymores converted to breaching charges
Some sound changes
New COOP kit restrictions with extensive class system (16 different classes)
Some of the skins from DOG-ZEBRA used for "CaD COOP Ghost Recon Legacy" kit restriction
Multicam skins from Migryder's Festival Mod added, used for "CaD COOP Ghost Recon Multicam" kit restriction

__Version 1.3.1
9MS actors put back in (should now be fully playable)
P90SD sound fix
Blood Oil Pointman and Pointman Demo switched to boonie hat skins to fix bug
CaD COOP AI backup kit modifications (flashbangs and frags added for extra versatility, primaries varied)
Multicam Ghost snipers added to CaD Sniper Battle kit restrictions
CaD COOP Frostbite skin adjustment, Norwegian skins mixed in
Jack Wachter added as playable character in CaD COOP Blood Oil
CaD COOP Serpentine Dream Theory added, contains MrMoon's Shadow Recon (from Serpentine Dream Theory) and CAPD2 Adjustment Mod Ghost skins (the guys I called PMC in Cloak)
Mk16 SCAR L sound switch
CaD COOP Mega Pack kit restriction added (CaD Joint Task Force skins + all CaD COOP skins)
CaD PvP w/VIPs kit restriction added (based on CaD COOP with AI backup using loud weapons and a special VIP character with unsuppressed pistol only)
M24 sound switch
M24 ballistic RoF fix
HK53A3 sound change
Non-winter SP specialists changed from Shadow Recon skins to Multicam skins
Read Me actually fully proofread to make sure all info is current for once

__Version 1.4
SP kit trimming and adjustments
Winter SEALs added from DTD Cold Call Out
Winter Warfare kit restrictions adjusted
CaD COOP Frostbite SEALs kit restriction added
Blood Oil Remington 700 model used to replace M24 SWS model
Weapons sound overhaul using thale100's Real Weapon Sounds
Map texture fix
CaD PvP Irregulars kit restrictions added (allows you to play as various enemy factions)
COOP kit restriction AI backup adjustments (now has the basic rifleman/demolitions/support setup)
Mission environment adjustments (trying to match them with HU as much as possible)

__Version 2.0
Command maps showing up as textures on maps bug fixed
Heroes Unleashed and Frostbite Tertia Optio skins added
SP character overhaul using custom skins
Menu music changed
M4A1 SOPMOD M203 model fix
Enemy kit adjustments to account for non-HU missions and game modes
Bullet wiz sound update
MP5K sound fix
New kit restrictions and adjustments
Water sounds removed (will no longer sound like the snow from Frostbite)
Some grenade launcher and rocket sound updates
Blood Oil maps switched from desert to jungle to better reflect the actual environments
Main menu backgrounds updated
MEND MP actors found in "CaD PvP Irregulars" kit restrictions actor names changed

5. Mod Permissions

Feel free to make expansions or tweak this for your own personal use. Be sure to give credit where it's due (most of the content isn't mine, I mainly just compiled and tweaked it).

If you're specifically interested in my skins, please try and contact me before you use them since I don't own the models used for them.



Credits Document

Author - Jack Wachter (jackwachter09@gmail.com)

__Author Contributions
HU Weapon Adjustments (zoom fix, semi-automatic firerate fix)
Kit Expansion and archiving
Compiling and testing
Actor file adjustments
Some of the skins

Custom work used for Cloak-and-Dagger

Pre-version 2 main menu background images - wombat50
Debris texture for AT, claymores, and flashbangs - wombat50
No rocket trail - wombat50
Lighter smoke texture for AT, claymores, and flashbangs - wombat50
Main menu background drawing - Operator Grim

Other Mods whose content I used

__Permissions from http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?/topic/59567-sharing-is-caring-mod-permissions/
Heroes Unleashed (including extra addon mods from it) - ApexMods
Panoramic Night Vision - Doc Calliban
Serpentine Dream Theory - MrMoon
GRS Map Pack 3 - Hana_JP
Burner's Flashbangs - Burner
Wet Sun - Giampi
Frostbite - Frostbite Team
Tactical Net - Tinker
9MS - Tinker
Grass Camo Attachments - Hana_JP
M24 Ballistic Rifle - Doc Calliban
M4 SOPMOD Mod - Prozac
Blood Oil - Tinker and the GR.net Community
DOG-ZEBRA - Dog-Zebra
Migryder's Festival Mod - wombat50 et al
Real Weapon Sounds - thales100

__Obtained personal permissions
HU_Multicam_Tags - wombat50
Not A Game - Doc Calliban
DTD Cold Call Out - DTD Mod Team
DTD No Easy Day - DTD Mod Team

__Permissions requested, no reply as of release
CAPD2_Adjustment Mod - MrMoon

__No author or contact information listed
Realistic Wounds

Content from others that I used (not GR specific content)

__Permissions to use work freely granted
Supersonic Bullet Crack sounds - https://www.youtube.com/user/WOTGSmash

__Obtained personal permissions
Supersonic Bullet Crack Sound Effect - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6YvWPatW78TjUxjEuOpung


__Main Theme
US Navy SEALS SQT Video (https://youtu.be/3oO-0CM7Y2U, .wav file was in IOV SOCOM mod for Door Kickers)

Splinter Cell: Menu Theme
ARMA 3: This Is War (Malden DLC Remix)

Splinter Cell: Presidential Palace Libary
ARMA 3: This Is War (Apex Alternative)

__After Action

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory: Ruthless (Reprise)

__Trailer/Intro Music
Audiomachine - Nomad (Brutal Mix) (https://youtu.be/K8AdrYxFbro)


Edited by Jack Wachter
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Thanks Rocky! It works well for the most part in SP, but MP has brought to my attentions a lot of bugs. Several maps CTD (for unknown reasons, I have the Ike.log and IkeCrash.log of one of these instances in the original post) and others are just buggy. Currently working on a version without all of the extra missions and stuff since I probably have weird conflicts that would take too long to figure out. It's still very playable in MP, just several issues that I consider significant enough to take out the extra missions. Once I have a base version to work with, maybe I'll play around with adding maps and missions from smaller, simpler mods.

Unless a fix is figured out to stop the CTD. Looks like all of the Desert Siege and Island Thunder maps are all bugged in MP (try to load map, CTD). The first Serpentine Dream Theory mission also does this.

Edited by Jack Wachter
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The common thing I've seen in all of the crashes has been "Read from location 00000000 caused an access violation." from the IkeCrash.log. The Ike.log hasn't been as helpful, pretty much just "no camera offset helper point." which from my understanding doesn't cause crashes. Any idea on where I should start to try and fix, or if it's even worth it (the version without the added maps and missions is actually almost done already, not hard to rebuild)?

As for a "fixed" version, I think that's actually mostly done (may even send it out tonight if testing on my end goes well).  This version only uses the tag fixing from wombat's Multicam mod for HU. Assuming this works, I will release it (so that people can play it sooner) and use it as a base for expanding upon if I choose to. As for other missions and maps not in HU, these instructions from the ReadMe should work.

On 1/3/2018 at 10:28, Jack Wachter said:

__Play other missions and campaigns not included (can't guarantee there won't be conflicts that cause issues)
Change the activation order to the following:
Desert Siege
Island Thunder
(insert mission packs and campaigns here)
Heroes Unleashed

UPDATE: the basic version still has issues. Trying to find the source of the issues.

UPDATE 2: By removing one folder at a time, restoring it, and then removing a different folder, etc. it appears the issue has something to do with the "Actor" folder. Time to experiment further to figure out what the cause is.

UPDATE 3: appears the issue is skin specific. This only occurs on certain maps. The old skins from HU work fine, but none of the new skins work right. Now to figure out how to fix this. If someone wants to delve into the MP actor files with the new skins (ghosts, SDT, and winter skins) to figure out what's happening, please do.

UPDATE 4: so, all the new skins didn't have faces for all environments selected. Looks like the issue is related to making sure that there is a specific setting for all environment. Did a test by modifying the winter skins to what I suspect the fix was, and it WORKED. Time to go play with the others. Also, MP Ghosts are going to be the legacy uniform Ghosts. As for what I'm doing with the skins from MrMoon for CAPD2... CIA SOG anyone?

Edited by Jack Wachter
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Glad you found the cause. Another popular mod had the same issue. Could only play the woodland maps and desert and jungle maps would CTD.
Play with friends weekly and have played allot of the new HU. Sometimes a map typically with a GTF will crash when the mission is launched but on a retry it works fine. Have never seen any of the HU maps consistently crash in MP.

We have used the 30 or so re-tagged maps extensively in our weekly coop and have had little issue other then one or two  vegetation types can not be shot threw on a particular map but very few issues in general.  Any vegetation textures that are included in the Multicam Mod  are there because they are corrected versions done with the RSB Editor. The .map files were redone with a hex editor to correct errors made in regards to vegetation tagging when the map was made in 3D Studio Max. 

I don't know of anyone that got any help from the IkeCrash.log. It is certainly beyond me. The ike.log is hit or miss but always worth a look. It will throw red herrings like it can't find opposing_force_220.atr for example, when there are only a few in most mods. The Ike.log will usually mention it can't find a certain light halo effect as well as a fire effect. This is normal and not a cause for concern.  After a crash it will rewrite itself automatically when the game is launched again.

In my experience, any syntax errors made in .xml, .atr, .gun files etc will not let the game initialize to the main menu.  

Edited by wombat50
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Luckily I could figure out the issue quickly. With that said, Cloak-and-Dagger v1.1 is now released. Original post updated with info. Change log in the updated Read Me and access to version 1.0 has been removed. Delete version 1.0 before installing the new version.

Wombat, any plans for making multicam textures for all the regular Ghost models instead of switching the sniper and support models? I love the look, but I'm not a fan of the change in models. I'm thinking the multicam skins on all of the original models (except for ghillie suit, but would be totally fine with new ghillie suit textures) would be nice to have for multiplayer (would still keep the legacy camo that is now available).

Rocky, the download link has changed, so the download entry page will need to be updated. The Read Me was also updated as well.

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Ok, was just curious. I may try to incorporate your versions in at some point as extra skins. Got any new tagging fixes or no?

Got a nice group of 5 including me playing with the mod, lots of fun. Did the Wet Sun mission as a 5 man team. Two 2-man buddy teams with MG and demo then me as a marksman commanding. Even though we had respawns on, only had 1 death right at the end so he ended up not respawning. Also did some of the 9MS CQB training missions, lots of fun especially when you get a good, synchronized breach going.

No bugs I've seen so far. Sure there are some, but should be minor things at this point. Will most likely continue to tweak and improve, but I'm not in a rush (may go and redo the kits and ammo, pretty sure there are some I missed). If you have any content you want me to incorporate, let me know and I'll see what I can do. I'm also open to the idea of making this a team mod thing if anyone is interested in that.

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On 1/5/2018 at 15:03, Jack Wachter said:

Got any new tagging fixes or no?

Added seven maps by 10mm Auto  to the mod we run in conjunction with HU. Checked the vegetation tagging and made some corrections in the .map files. HU does not have any 10mm maps I know of. 10 mm was a better map maker then mission maker and a couple of his maps are very good. Improved a couple of missions but the remainder of maps are best played with a .gtf. It has a few custom sounds included that would require updating or adding and effects.xml with the sound volume editor in Igor to your mod.
Would send it to you if interested although I didn't seek permissions to alter the maps as it is a private mod. 

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Rocky, glad you liked the video.

Wombat, sounds interesting, but I would like to avoid permission issues so don't worry about it.


Anyone know of any good "plain clothes operator" skins without permission issues? I guess the Blood Oil skins would probably be ok since the mod is listed in "Sharing is Caring" but open to other ideas as well. And what other content should I look at adding/adjusting?

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Working on version 1.2 (not sure at what point I go straight to version 2.0). Experimenting with a significant weapon adjustments. The adjustments as of now are as follows:

  • Semi-auto firerate set to match full-auto/burst firerate (for weapons with no full/burst modes, I usually went with 600rpm)
  • Not technically a weapons adjustment, but related: heavy body armor effectiveness reduced (can still stop multiple 5.56x45mm and 7.62x39mm rounds to the chest, but should be easier to break through especially with more powerful weapons and make enemies with it slightly less annoying). Oh, those nice Rainbow guys in the killhouses? They had Armor Level 2. Now they have 3. Why? To make it more annoying for you. And to prepare you for armored opponents in CQB. Get good at shifting your aim to the head if your first few shots aren't getting through.
  • Stabilization time of ALL Heroes Unleashed weapons DOUBLED. Trying to make things less point-and-click, need to do more testing on this (nothing like spending quite literally 2+ hours editing all the text files for this and the rate of fire). Looks like MG suppression will have wider spread and longer range engagements will require more tactical fire and maneuver. Accuracy hasn't been changed, but getting more accurate shots will require more time, less movement, and/or a stable firing position (so basically prone). And pretty sure rockets are going to be a to use, may end up putting them back to original stabilization time.
  • Legacy zoom added. Since weapons without scopes were basically nerfed, this should make these weapons more viable in longer-range engagements (scopes still better) AND CQB (some zoom is nice sometimes, plus weapons with CQB optics will have NO scope view getting in the way). So now if you know a mission and/or your role will be CQB, you can still use your weapons effectively at longer range while having advantages over scope weapons in the parts focusing on CQB

Inspiration for some of these ideas is from Droopy's Realism Mod. Also looking at trying to redo the sounds, and then removing actor names from the added actors for MP (so their names don't show up upon death).

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The semi-auto fire rate being too slow always bothered me.

3 hours ago, Jack Wachter said:

removing actor names from the added actors for MP (so their names don't show up upon death).

HU had a issue which Apex fixed. 
In a previous version he remove the NPC's actor names by editing this .atr line as :
When a player hovered his cursor over the NPC icon on the command map it would crash the game.
The fix was adding a space btween the quote marks:
    <ActorName>" "</ActorName>

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10 hours ago, wombat50 said:

HU had a issue which Apex fixed. 
In a previous version he remove the NPC's actor names by editing this .atr line as :
When a player hovered his cursor over the NPC icon on the command map it would crash the game.
The fix was adding a space btween the quote marks:
    <ActorName>" "</ActorName>

Thanks for letting me know about this before I started going through all the text files. Will save me a lot of headache.


5 hours ago, ApexMods said:

Congrats on the release, Jack Wachter! :flowers:

Nice to see a new third-party add-on for HU!

Thanks Apex, this mod wouldn't be possible without your hard work. Just curious, what are you looking at for the next version of HU, primarily dealing with the weapons and ammo?

And for the Island Thunder mission where you rescue Ordonez, what did you do to it? Tried it coop with people and it's ridiculously hard. Get spotted at all and you're basically screwed because Ordonez gets killed very quickly, no time to rush over and save him. With all the patrols, it's hard to get close enough (even with a sniper) to save him.

EDIT: Apex, if you want to adjust your base HU (or make an add-on mod in the XTRAS) featuring my adjustments or something similar, feel free to do so. I can help with that if you want. My main complaints are lack of ammo (I like being able to change to a fresh magazine, and reloadable rockets should come with more ammo) and slow semi-auto (CQB with it is very annoying, don't like being almost forced to go full-auto). And a few weapons with incorrect zoom (HK416, HK417, and MP5SD with the magnifier, not sure if there are more). Also, do you know the value to for the body armor to represent NIJ Level III instead of NIJ Level IV, or if it's possible to add an armor level 4 that I could make player exclusive?

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Made a small add-on featuring the new weapons settings I'm testing for v1.2. Let me know what you think so that I can fine tune them for the next release of Cloak-and-Dagger. Activate it with higher priority than Cloak-and-Dagger v1.1


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