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Help picking a new monitor.

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Hi all.

Well, after 10 years of flawless service, my Samsung monitor died in it's sleep. Now I need you all to educate me so I can pick a new one for my gaming. 

I've started looking around and I see there are some monitors with higher refresh rates, curved screens and features like G-Synk. What is that??

Also, I have red some things that hinted that there are games out there that can't be played on monitors with higher refresh rates. Is this true and how can I tell which ones can and which ones can't. 

So can you give me some links that I can go to so I can read up on all the latest cool features and gizmos a good gaming monitor should have? What they are and how they work? 

And of course, any knowledge you would like to share with me here in this forum would be appreciated too. Things like, what monitors you would recommend and what ones I should stay away from.  

Or any other thoughts you may have.

Thanks all. 






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Well I just upgraded a few months ago. I had a budget of under 1000 dollars. I wanted 4k.

There are some great monitors, but the prices are high when you're looking for 4k, but after many hours I finally found a curved Dell 3440 and got it on sale under $800. 

My advise is go and do your research, because I can tell you it's a new world when it comes to monitors now that HD and 4k are in PC land.


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Crikey how did I miss this thread? That looks like an awesome monitor NC!

I have a Gsync monitor OldGhost, it's an nvidia feature that prevents your display from tearing / juddering at low frame rates. I've had it for over a year now I tink and have no complaints.

Buying a monitor can be a bit of a nightmare, my best advice is to decide on your price point, and let everyone else do your research for you - and the way you do that is go to Amazon and sort their gaming monitors by price, find your price point and select from the high sellers in that zone. Then go to specialist sites (blurbusters) and research those models further to whittle it down to the last 2 or 3, then take your pick from there :)



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Thanks Rocky, I have been doing pretty much exactly that. Looks like it's going to be a 27" Dell. I don't have the model number in front of me, (you know how long they are) but it has all the high end stuff and it's on sell for $450.00 US.

And NightCrawler........how much time do you spent playing GR-W on that monitor?  And judging by the room decor, how much time do you spend watching fishing videos???

Let me guess. You need it to be that long so you can see those really big fish. :rofl:






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