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PVP Open Dates announced, Video Inside


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Looks like they let some COD players in... f this , f u, f your mum noob, got called c*** by my own team and the opposition in the same round lol cant win no matter what you do haha.


The thing that bugs me about the pvp is that your position is constantly being given to all the opposition... drones, gunfire, beacon, line of sight. Its probably the noise marker that is the worst. I mean the actual sound, muzzle flash, and tracer give you away enough on these small open maps, but then you get a big yellow flashing dot in your vacinty just to make it super easy for the others to close in on you despite you tring to be hidden or stealthy.   The maps are small as it is, i dont think the games need speeding up.

there is no real place in the game for slow and stealthy imo, seems to favour run and gun sadly for me. Obvioisly the markers etc work both ways but not being a run and gun type of guy then it bugs me.

It actually feels like a different game when someone goes afk in game and is hidden from the drones, it suddenly becomes tense and tactical with ppl working together and covering each other trying to find this last player ( recon tower is often ignored or not known about it seems). 

I think id love the chance to play with no drones or sound markers or beacon.


Oh and it's an actual disadvantage to throw a grenade. All it does is show the exact position you threw it from. The enemy see it being thrown, run away then run around to the origin and get an easy kill. You might not know exactly where they are but they damn well know where you are as soon as you throw it. Why do all they players get alerted to grenades? So weird.


Looking fwd to seeing other features and game modes when the properly released. 

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Yeh when you explain it like that, there is an awful lot of positioning. For example, I get the idea of the yellow sound marker, it's to give some kind of indicator that you would otherwise have gotten in the field, but added to all the other indicators, it's too much. It's also too precise.

There is more to come though and lots of tweaking so it's looking good overall. 

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Had a blast playing the beta demo this weekend! It's crazy how things have evolved since we started up with OGR back in the days, but I feel some of the gameplay core is still there today.


Have to agree with the yellow sound marker. It should never have been there when you have so many other ways to localize the enemy. Playing mostly in a 4 man squad this weekend we didn't feel the drone was that much of an issue. I was mostly playing tank and could usually shoot down the drone in a couple of seconds and eventually using the divert tank skill afterwards. I also tried playing the scout a bit, but I felt I more or less had to use the drone as soon as it was off CD to spot enemies for my teammates and this destroyed some of the fun on that class for me.


My biggest wishes further now is a proper gamemode with an objective and a ranking system for 4 player squads.

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