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Special Forces Ghost Pack

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So I broke down and bought the Special Forces pack which includes the beret, helmet with NVGs, commando shirt, pants and boots, ranger and liberator tattoos,  beret skull patch and the pre-made m4 and sr-25. Didn't bother with the weapons. The nvg's on the helmet are just cosmetic. They don't flip down when you put your night vision or thermal on. I like the pants and the shirt is alright, but i think I'm gonna use the beret to make an Expendables loadout since they had the black berets. I don't like the ranger tat because it looks like it says "mess with the best die with the best" Kinda confusing. I'm guessing die with the best means you as a Ranger die as the best. I would think it should say "Mess with the best die like the rest" as in if you mess with the Rangers, you're gonna die like all others who have messed with them. Just my 2 cents.

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15 hours ago, 5timechamp said:

Price is too high, the shirt would be the main piece for me..

its redundant to say but here goes: if i could customize the Ai and/or mix and match the different pieces theyd have my money

Might actually be kind of difficult since Charactersmith was developed with player characters in mind.


You'll have to wait until the second game.

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