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My Super Secret PvP Visit to Paris Footage Revealed

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18 hours ago, 5timechamp said:

All i want to hear is that there is content of some value coming even after P v P releases

Don't get your hopes up. I doubt Ubisoft is looking towards making Wildlands a live service like Siege or For Honor.

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Yikes, the game's Metacritic score is pretty low compared to the rest of the series (except Ghost Recon 2 on the PS2 and GameCube).

I've had a lot of fun with the game but I can't deny that I also have a lot of issues with it. Wildlands isn't exactly up to par with other Ubisoft titles in terms of quality, especially in the animation side of things (the MSR reload animation bothers me so much for some reason). Ubisoft does have a track record of addressing criticism in sequels, but that's generally seen with Ubisoft Montreal. Ghost Recon is firmly in the hands of the Paris studio, for better or worse.

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When? when will the "devs" release the pvp, it was supposed to be an open beta, havent seen it, why is it taking them so long to release this, they have released two game modes/expansions, and still have not delivered on any of the pvp promises, I know perfection takes time, cool, whatever that means, what I want to know is why they are failing to deliver, the development team needs to stop dragging their heels, and release it, I have completed this game in its entirety on every difficulty, I have 100% of the collectibles, since then, about 4 weeks after the game was released, I have deleted it off my xbox to make room for other games, you can only so the same thing so many times before you are sick and tired of it. I am almost 100% sure that I am not the only person who feels this way, and yes I have also completed both expansions, this game is dead to me, I guess I am going back to the division, and battle field 4... so sad, wildlands WAS an amazing game

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Beta is coming out on the 21st.


Just the beta, mind you. The actual mode will probably come out near the releases of this year's big budget triple A multiplayer shooters, so I'm willing to bet it's going to be dead on arrival.

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