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can somebody help me please

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does anybody know how to remove the black scope that appears whilst zooming when using the mod heroes unleashed?

I'm too used to just using the reticle and find it hard when a lot of my view is obstructed by the scope

Don't get me wrong I really love the mod and the scope isn't bad it's just personal preference :)

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Like shakealeg says it in the HU Xtras folder.

Unzip HU - Fullscreen Zoom & NV.7z.

It is a mod that you can put in the Mods folder and activate at highest priority to give full screen zoomed view as well as full screen binoculars and Night Vision. 
There are allot more mods in the Xtra folders to make HU the way you want it. 

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Good advice or,you can  delete (better: backup in a different folder) all the "mask_sr.rsb and others ,you can find it in the folder shell/art/mask but it's need to do that for the original "G.R" and the other mods who use their own masks !

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