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Whats in your CD player


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"Help (Get Me Some Help) (2003 techno rmx)" by Starsplash feat. Tony Ronalds....

Anyone remember "Help (Get Me Some Help)" by Tony Ronalds? It was an old 70's track, but there's some new techo remixes of it floating around. I got one remix by Starsplash and another hardcore remix of it....

"(I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight" by Resource is up next. That's the new techno remix of the old 80's track of the same title.

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The more I listen to Permission To Land, the more I like it.

I had a chance to see them in concert at the nightclub in Pontiac my cousin works at (Clutch Cargo's) but my idiot boss decided I needed to work that night...so he could take his girlie-friend to the casino..

btw..if you dont have it, get the video to "I Believe In A Thing Called Love" (Limewire has it). Pretty funny and has a scene you'd think the Viking Kittens/Quizno's guy did involving a giant crab (note : if you've ever been to that guy's site, you understand the crab bit)

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