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M4 Armoury


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Argyll, question. What exactly do the extra models have on them (ie what are they eactly)? Here's the ones I'm curious about.









Are they just like the file name says? I figure it's easier just to ask you instead of pluggin the name in the .gun file then loading the game. And yes I'm being lazy. :devil:

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Some of these were the original qobs made,and were renamed to others.after having the poly counts reduced,and having the maxfiles tweaked a bit!!

So in essence they're just duplicates of the main weapons!

The ck_m4.qob is just a plain clean no thrills base weapon!!

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Argyll, when you get back from your little hiatus could I ask you a favor? Could you possibly model an Diemaco C8FTHB with an Elcan and a C8FTHB/M203 also with the Elcan?





I probably have bigger images of the weapons themselves if you do infact make these and have a need for them.

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Plenty of suggestions coming guys,but I'm really not sure!I can do all the M4's as M16's by adding the butt stock to them,and lengthening the recievers a bit!

Wrt MP5's I have done 2,but it's all to do with having really good quality images to work on!There are some mods up and coming that'll have these requested weapons in abundance,mainly the DTD mod,and 'Cinks Afghanistan mod,also Recon Snakes,will feature MP5's.!

AK's are not my scene,but who knows for sure my next project!

There are some individual request that I may deal with 1st!!

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