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ITT: You convince me to try ARMA

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I'm obviously a diehard GR fan by being here. I'm not bored of GR or looking to move on, I'm looking to expand my horizons and ARMA is a staple of the "tactical" game community.

I've played R6, RO/RS, BiA, FSW, BF, MOW, CoH, and none of these games gave me a lasting impression. However the original OFP did leave an impression on me, and that impression was OFP is hot garbage. I tried OFP on consoles and promptly sold them.  Now I've played about 30 mins of ARMA 2 between 5 different sessions. The abysmal voice acting and god awful clunky mechanics make it a chore to endure. Some animations seem like they are from the DOOM2 beta and I assume once I solve the mathematical equation known as the controls I might have a little more fun. 

The problem is I can't escape ARMA. Its everywhere in internet military culture. And in concept it doesn't seem like a bad game. The modding community is gigantic and explores almost every military conflict. Please convince me to try it. 

ARMA2 or ARMA 3? ARMA3 seems more active but ARMA2 seems to have way more mods. 

How is SP? I dont have time for MP and I'm not into these "tactical" clans who play every game like its a real war zone that they've never been in. 

Are mods really that complicated to install? the mod structure of ARMA intimidates me. 

Anything else I should know? 



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My experience with Arma 2 and 3 is don't use PlayWithSix to handle mods or launch the game. At times that program nearly cost me my sanity.
You can have multiple shortcuts for Arma2 and 3 and edit the target line to launch mods you want.

Arma 3 is through Steam and they have a decent launcher that handles mods downloaded through Steam or mods you downloaded elsewhere like Armaholic.
Took just a little bit to get comfortable with the Steam Arma 3 launcher.

Browse the Workshop through Steam to check out community made mods for Arma 3. The same may be true for Arma 2 if you purchase it through Steam but I have no idea. Most Arma 2 mods can be found at Armaholic. If I find a Arma 3 modder that has made a good campaign or mission I look for more from them in the Workshop. 

I played allot of campaigns in Arma2 and Arma 3. Some were the best FPS experience I ever had but not all the community made missions and campaigns
are without fault. The better campaigns were equal to or better then anything in GR. 

-The controls and handling AI squad mates can be a pain but with experience it is passable. Arma 3 character control is markedly better and the game, fog and lighting are as well. 
-Yes, animations can be unconvincing. 
-Voice acting varies greatly in community made campaigns and the AI radio chatter is abysmal mostly. Radio chatter and AI call outs can be switched off through scripting IIRC.
-Invariably a AI squad mate is "out of ammo" and resupplying him or getting him to shut up is a chore. I have read that this is the fault of a loadout that has insufficient magazines especially for the pistol.
-AI driving is improved with multiple vehicles if the formation is set to column. If you are driving on the road and AI driven vehicles are driving thru the brush the formation is set to something other then column. 
-Updates to Arma 2 and 3 can make older missions and campaigns unplayable.  
-I use google when searching for info on Arma. The search function at Bohemia Interactive forums is awful. Armaholic search functions is OK.  
-Many scripting commands work on all the iterations of Arma and OFP. With each new game they have updated the game engine so scripting commands can be the same.
New commands can be added but may work for only the newer versions of Arma. 

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I would be happy to take any prospective Arma players into the greatness of Arma. You should really go with arma3 now, A2 is not supported, and most of the A2 conent has been ported to A3 now.

Every game has a learning curve but seriously A3 is not that hard to learn. A couple of weeks of missions and you'll be blooded.

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It took me a long long time to convert over and I maintain a love hate (kinda frustrated at times) relationship with ARMA 3....however, ARMA 3 simply is the only military simulator available and its immensely powerful.

1. It was horribly optimized....but now I am able to run a CO-OP with 30-70+ enemy AI (although most are static for CQB ops) on a locally hosted computer at good framerate. That  truly is remarkable. No other platform comes close with the amount of detail and CPU usage (save maybe a close second for Dragon Rising)

2. The graphics are very realistic and JSRS sound mod is such an immersive sound mod with crickets, birds, wind, (which reminds me so much of OGR) and awesome explosions.

3. The AI has come a long way but is still not as smooth and accurate as Ghost Recon. I am upto the point where I am completely comfortable with vanilla AI (I never ever thought I would say this.) This is coming from a guy who has tested an reviewed every AI mod out there.....GL4/5, TPWCAS, VCom, FFIS, bCombat, our own Wolfpack AI (Chris Bs Smart AI) and we currently use Pooters ASR (which forces AI to take cover).

4. Animations still suck compared to OGR. Especially the ragdoll physics. Movement is smooth an ultra-improved from previous iterations.

5. The problem is still CQB. Buildings still have a tendency to suck you into walls, wrong doors open, and enemy still clip through walls. Granted in OGR enemys clipped through doors, but never really engaged you while clipping like in ARMA 3. This is still infuriating that building models have not been fixed. CQB is still hard and unrealistic, but flashbangs make it much better.

In conclusion, ARMA 3 can do everything OGR does....and has sooooo much more content and vehicles. OGR still does so many things smoother and accurately. The AI in OGR still amazes me even if it is scripted at times. Nothing like laying down suppresion or a sniper shot and seeing enemies crawl behind cover in GR. Its always awesome and satisfying. The reality is, ARMA 3 is much improved from a few years ago and continues to be improved with every update.

You can literally recreate almost any combat scenario and the 3D editor is amazing. I would say take a leap of faith, give it two solid weeks of testing and setting up.....if you dont have some good immersive firefights, you can always go back to the amazing classics.


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