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issues with Ansel last week or so?


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had a few glitches with ansel recently. biggest issue was since patch 2 where the game takes ages to start running again sometimes after using screenshot feature.

but in the last week or 2:

exits out of ansel mode by itself
sometimes no mouse cursor to use the menu on the left
"error starting ansel session at this time"
saved image folder has changed from C:\Users\x\Videos\Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon  Wildlands   to   C:\Users\x\Videos\GRW

anyone else?

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also i'll probably need to post some examples but there is definitely some lighting or shadow (or both) effect that does work with the super resolution images. using a standard screenshot seems to produce the better looking image.

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since you bound the key to your mouse, did you have an issue with moving the camera position?  i have to wait up to 10 seconds sometimes before i can move the camera.  seems to be a known issue, it's just odd.

i'll raise the other issue on the Ansel board about the image quality. seems some effects like AO get disabled when using ansel, but not sure if it's game dependent, will look into it.


also you can change the key binding using C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Ansel\Tools NvCameraConfiguration.exe    and also you can switch to lossless and some other options which could be useful for ya.

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still can't move fast but... there is now an 'Enhanced' option when taking super resolution images.  there is no explanation but i took some test shots yesterday, from my point of view, the super resolution images now seem to have the same lighting and shadows that the 'regular' screen captures have. this is great news. it seems like now it is worth taking super resolution screenshots.   will post more info if i come across any update notes or anything from nvidia that explains it.

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