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Screenshot Competition Winners March 2017


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March 2017 Wildlands Screenshot Competition Winners

I'll be honest, I had a hell of a job selecting the best out of more than 40 entries and in the end I found it really hard to select just one winner. As a result there are 12 screenshots that made it onto the winners podium, so congratulations to you all and thank you so much for sharing your fantastic contributions.

Please keep sharing you new images, there are already some great shots this April so keep them coming!

Well done to Panic not just for his winning entry but to be fair, a whole string of high quality, clever images. There will be a Wildlands sticker pack on its way to you as soon as you PM me your address Panic!


By Panic. Another great perspective shot demonstrating the fantastic lighting and foliage in wildlands with the emphasis on a Ghost Sniper.




By Nightcrawler. This photorealistic scene speaks to the stealthy Ghost and the fantastic foliage in Wildlands




By Word Ubisoft were keen to promote the living breathing world that carries on around the Ghosts exploits, this shot perfectly captures the human side of that systemic world Ubisoft so brilliantly created.





By Orca This salt flat capture gives an indication of how huge the area is with just one of the 4 ghosts in the image



By Panic Fantastic unusual perspective showing the power of ansel for screenshots.



By Ayu - a humorous screenshot that speaks to the many weird and wonderful sights to be found travelling the Wildlands



By Zeealex - this simple but impressive shot speaks to the vibrancy of Wildlands thanks to the flocking birds against the barren rocky landscape



By Panic. You may have to look twice to spot the sniper in this cleverly angled shot




By Panic Fantastic vista with great colours and wonderful depth thanks to the tracks on the salt flats, just a great scene.



By Panic. So real you'd think this was a watercolour painting.



By Panic Another beautiful scene that could be a painting.



By Panic This scene is a stark contrast to the otherwise colourful setting of bolivia, with the dark colours and soaking lanscape really emphasising the cold lonely job of a sniper.



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Nice one Rocks, been sick as a dog recently so this made my day. hope to see a bunch more screenies on here soon. i've got a series of images coming that are a bit different, but spending some time actually killing dudes rather than screenshooting :]

Didn't notice post as it said it was posted 2 days ago, guess you had it hidden until you sorted the images out?

for what it's worth, of all the pics that were posted, my fav was this one from zeealex, but really enjoyed checking out what everyone has posted since the game came outTom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Wildlands2017-3-10-18-19-6.jpg

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What a ninja post! ._.

Anyway, kudos to the winner, although though I think you had better contributions than the winning sharpshooter shot ("Sniper in rain", or my personal favourite "Door kicker"), but hey, it's up to an individual opinion in the end.

Big ups to participants and people who took their time to host and judge this event. I already have similar contest in mind, maybe for the future days. :)

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Yeh those two were also favourites of mine Word, but I decided to go with images that were distinctly Ghost Recon for this first competition.

And yeh Panic after faffing around with a new gallery I decided a forum post was better for listing the winners, and starting putting it together 2 days ago.

If anyone has an idea for a new competition just let me know, I still have quite a few Wildlands prizes here.


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If you knew how long I spent deliberating over the winner, I can assure you it was far from obvious which pic was going to win.

If you speak nice to Panic maybe he'll let me send you the llama sticker.

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haha, sorry it came off that I was being a sore loser, I wasn't, it's just my weird sense of humour, sorry! 

NOPE, they panic's, i can live without, was just hoping for something to pimp up my PC a bit, but honestly, I got beaten by a mile or ten, rightly so, panic gets his prize... ALL of it :D

BUT!!! could you all get such pretty screenshots without ansel?! I THINK NOT GOOD SIRS!

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The world does need more golden llama stickers for sure.


I hope the screenshot feature hangs around for a while, would be interesting to get a theme sometimes because there is so much creativity around here, it's cool to see what ppl come up with.

Maybe even non Ansel sometimes :)

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