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Rage Quit Win Awesomeness


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Been a while since there have been any posts in here, but CoH is still my guilty please and if I am not playing Wildlands, I am sneaking in a game of CoH most nights.

Just had to share this Rage Quit game I had last night!

I was playing against a random and off the bat I could tell the guy knew what he was doing, I got off to a decent start through so was still quietly confident I could win this game...

Early in the mid-game he was getting the upper hand, and even threw me some advice about what he had just done.... he seemed nice enough so I made a joke and played on...

Then MID WAY through the game he's like "GG".

Uhm, at this point the game was 70/30 in his favour, but I was not for giving up yet!

Again, with the GG comment soon after. True enough he was winning, and he knew what he was doing so at this point he was prolly 80/20 to win.

Then I won a couple of skirmishes

Then he started RETREATING his troops.

I said "retreating" ? 

No response

Heh Heh

15 minutes later his final comment


and then he rage quit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was pumped LOL!!!

Love that game.

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