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From Wildlands with love


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Hey, guys, Word the newbie here. :)

Since the Screenshot competition is over, I decided to make my own thread to spam with shots and hits taken in Wildlands game.


People, part 1

Last supper


The All-seeing


Killer queen


Eye of the storm


Admiral Snackbar


Bloodline (still no better title)


Beer, bikes, bros

Beer, bikes, bros.jpg



Mere maid

Mere maid.jpg



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People, part 2

On the trackOn track.png

Off the track

Off the track.jpg

Field of mine

Field of mine.jpg

Go to hell


Heart of stone / Rock solid

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon  Wildlands Super-Resolution 2017.04.09 -

Foreign beggar / Bow, man

Foreign beggar - Bow, man.jpg

Wiz Dom

Wiz Dom.jpg

Mama, I...

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon  Wildlands Super-Resolution 2017.04.09 -

Street kingdom

Street kingdom.jpg



Saturday night fever

Saturday night fever.png


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Oh, I see. Sorry for those confusing titles, intended ones are always above the specific screenhot. :P

Well, Wiz Dom was taken on a bus stop close to a rebel camp, if I remember correctly.

Here's a merged picture of every expectant. Both were taken with different FOV, but with the shadows on the ground, you can see where they were standing. :)

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon  Wildlands Super-Resolution 2017.04.02 -

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I'm not a photographer. Been to a course once, but it was more than anything about how not to break the camere while using it. :P

Taking shots in games is easy, because you can simply pause the time, set everything up.

Speaking of which if you haven't already, you should check out Dead end thrills's website. That guy is a real maestro when it comes to taking ingame screenshots.

Also if anybody's interested in any specific screen in higher resolution (some are available up to 4k), let me know, I will get it to you. :)


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Updated with a cliché sniper shot, guy, who flipped over his car, mountains with a back light and a land of the ice. Check the main posts above.

Also finally finished the game with 100% missions and 39% of found collectibles. Took me around 38 hours.

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This is not one specific screen, so I won't include it in the main post, but have you ever turned the camera, and saw how your avatar's facial expressions change?

Here are at least some of my captures. Neither was taken during a cutscene. Also, yes, lighting does its part here.

Many faces.jpg


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  • 2 weeks later...

Oi, I'm back. :) Finally managed to complete the game, so not many screens since then, but got at least three of them: Time is God, Saturday night fever and Connecting flight. You can find them at the bottom of each category.

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Guess I will start making a new post with every contribution, instead of putting them in OP.

Anyway, here's a rather trippy screenshot of a Holy lamma and an interesting glitch I took when the game was slowly exiting the Ansel mode. Fix it, Ubi!

Animus Vox.jpg



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