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PC vs PS4

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Alright here's my situation.... I haven't bought Wildlands yet (waiting for lent to end :) ), and I'm going back and forth between getting it for PC or PS4.

My big issue is that I have zero internet at my home, and that isn't changing in the foreseeable future. My gaming laptop's portability lets me go to the internet, allowing coop capability and immediate access to any updates that come along. However, I would be using mouse and keyboard exclusively. I heard some vehicles are difficult to control with keyboard. 

For PS4, the pros are bigger screen and (probably) smoother controls, but it leaves out any online play. Graphics aren't a huge concern, so I guess it all comes down to the game's fun playing solo compared to coop. 

I've been going over it for a few days. It's driving me nuts! What do you guys think?

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