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Gametype - How to remove 'Actor' after randomly placed objective completion

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Hello, I am playing a gametype that has a bug I need help with. 

The objective is in Mission HX, after I complete or fail the objective, the Ghosts who had seen it will suppress the OBJ from across the map, even if there's a rock 10 feet away that they're hitting.  It's weird.

I'm guessing that the problem lies with the 'Actor' that allows for the random placement of the Objective, that it is not being hidden.  I think this may be only on failures, but it's unplayable as is, so I'm not positive.

Now, there are a couple of other factors with the Objective type and what's called a Secondary Command Interface that the modder used to create something called Extreme Recon.  The way it works is that you double tap the Map Mode key twice quickly and you can activate a Secondary Command Interface.  In it, when you create a firing arc on the map you can activate the switch on and off, for Extreme Recon mode.  This basically makes it so all enemies are invisible to your AI.  It helps so you can confirm that the red dot on the Map is the Air Strike target.  (An upgrade of the Recon from the original MHX.)

I don't think the Air Strike Objective is the problem, except for maybe not having the actor hidden upon Objective's end.  However, the Extreme Recon that hides enemies on the map and the Secondary Command Interface may be another matter.

I was hoping to find a modder who might recognize the bug and point me in the right direction.  Once I get this fixed, I will be sending Rocky 3 upgraded versions of Mission HX.   A Map Size one for increased OpFor, A Random Patrol one, and the Laser Designated Air Strikes with the upgraded Recon Objectives.  

Thanks for any help, I can't wait to fix it so I can continue testing this. :)

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Mission HX scripting makes my head spin when I look at it. :-)
What comes to mind is trying one of three options but I have know idea if any will work.
-Hide object but be sure to make it/them invincible.
-Teleport to an area where it can not be seen.
-Make Invisible. Not sure if this applies to AI of both sides or not. Does not actually make them disappear but the AI don't see them.

I hope you can get it to work  as HX modding is good gaming. Friends and I play some Assault HX but we don't like what it does to the far clipping and fog settings.
I think Harntrox was trying to make it more challenging maybe but it is hard on the eyes.

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