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The things that I would by the crap out of if they came in DLC...

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Hey all

With all of the great parts about wildlands coming to light, there's a few things missing that I simply just can't forgive. 

one of those things is this...



In a massive open world environment where you're commonly in combat against vehicles or hard targets, I was HIGHLY disappointed to see my wonderful baby, the M107 wasn't on the weapons list for Wildlands. It's that sorely missed I would even gladly donate the model I made of it for them to use if they put the model in the game, and I wouldn't ask for royalties!

Other weapons I'd like to see are the XM29 OICW, and the MR-C, even though these were experimental weapons and now cancelled projects, I think it would be a really great homage of sorts to the older games and that semi auto GL would be a badass addition for those who like to go loud especially if its airburst capability could be implemented. 

Along side this... who else really wants a MICH?! like... even I'm surprised this isn't a standard option!

I'll probably add to this little wishlist as time goes on, but if these things came in DLC, paid or otherwise, i'd buy the crap out of it. 

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To expand on the Crye gear they already have, I'd totally pay to get a JPC:


and an Airframe, preferably with cover and rails


As for guns, I'll go with my default go-to rifle with the HK416 fitted with a Geissele rail:


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Vests: Crye JPC, CIRAS, MBAV, 6094. Make it look like there's actually plates in them by adding some bulk, at least in front and back.

Helmets: MICH series (2000/2001/2002), Crye Airframe. 

Maybe some variants of those and what we have that are more or less loaded with features like rails, lights, IR strobes.

The ability to choose patches individually and their position instead of having up to 4 duplicate patches. 

The ability to make my helmets blue, so I can roleplay as a UN deathsquad. White helmets for XOF roleplay.

A normal pistol suppressor as an alternative to the Osprey boxcan.

The ability to change my teammates weapons (even if limited to whatever class their current weapons are), and customize their outfits, even if it's just presets that might be more tacticool.

A wheelgun that's not too much of a meme (i.e. no Mateba/Chiappa/MP412 REX/ .44 Mag), like the Smith & Wesson 327 TRR8. 

A 1911 clone that actually has usable irons. It's 2017, 3-dot sights are a thing on almost all commercial 1911s. The Springfield Armory TRP Operator would be a good choice. It's as close to the one FBI HRT uses (used?) as there is on the market.

Galil ACE or FAL (possibly modernized). Both are extremely common in South America.

A CZ P-07 or P-09, or one of the more modern CZ 75 variants. 

A non-unique, customizable version of the SilencerCo Maxim 9 (there's a special version already available as DLC).

More camos: Flecktarn, DPM, Tigerstripe and MARPAT families. Maybe AUSCAM family and a few Euro patten families too. Rhodesian Brushstroke, Zairean Leopard and Karst, if we want to get into obscure militaria.

ATACS-IX and navy blue usable for all uniforms and not just weapons (actually, this should be added in an update, not paid for).

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