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That picture epitomizes the Ghosts. Blended right in with the scenery...the guys in the background too.

I believe in Ghosts!

You and others posting up screenies like this are making me jones hard to play this. I had planned to buy a gaming rig this month...but my mainline pipe from the house to the sewer was delineated and had roots in it and water backed up into the laundry room. Old house built in the 50s so they used asbestos and tar pipes back then. $7000 later I now have PVC pipe all the way out to the city main and they installed a backwater valve. The wifey would murder me if I came home with a new rig right now. 

So it's OGR for me until roughly the end of April.....and lots of OT at work.:wall:

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these are cool NC, that even looks like the same door i booted down in my pic haha.

i got the camera inside by glitching but there seems to have been an update that stops it working, actually think it was a driver update that changed it, but i'm not sure who is responsible over ansel screenshot mode, i read it was the game developers that were responsive for what features ware available. anyway.... I used to be able to scroll the mouse wheel to move forward quickly...

W = move fwd
W+SHIFT = move fwd fast
W+SHIFT+SCROLL WHEEL = move fwd super fast

the horizontal limitation sux but you can zoom up in the sky super fast :D

the other consequence of the super fast movement is that you can effectively smash through barriers like walls, buildings..... the terrain :D  , trees, whatever you want, it's just a matter of timing to get it right where you bounce inside a building and let go of the keys so that the camera is still inside..... or like usual on the other side of the building by 200m haha

give it a shot, as I said, the scroll wheel no longer works for me, so now it takes forever to get around


also whats the deal with the Ansel camera man being so big? he can't even fit through an open door. hence frustration leading me to finding the wall glitch haha.


[apologies for lots of txt in your screenshot thread but hope it is maybe useful]

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