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There are two limits, there is a limit of how much you can include in one post, and there is a second limit on your total storage.

I have increased members total storage to 50Mb.

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46 minutes ago, NightCrawler said:

OK that's cool. Now how do I keep the quality and make the sizes smaller. :) I'm turning into a junkie.

If you own any image processing software when you save a jpg you can specify the amount of compression to apply, where 0 would be top quality, large file size, and 100 would be maximum compression with tiny file size but ###### quality.

Usually if you go for 10% compression you can get a much smaller file and not even notice any difference visually. Sometimes you can go as high as 20% and the image looks the same but is a fraction of the size.

There are lots of online tools to achieve the same benefit, for example https://tinyjpg.com/

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