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First of all, I like the general layout of the site. There's a few nice features on here that I don't see on other forums such as the insert other media function  and being able to drag and attach files, which I haven't used but seems useful. However, the gaming section is a little confusing. 

I was looking at the gaming section. I noticed it's divided up by genre for PC section of Gaming and then everything else is console corner.  So, for example, if I want to go chat about another series like Fallout, do I go in to Console Corner because I'm playing on a console or do I choose the PC > RGP?  Wouldn't it mean there's dupe topics for people playing on PC and then people playing on console or is that the plan? Arguably,  a majority of a discussion of a video-game is specific to the platform the user is playing on but rather, gameplay, strategy, mission questions etc etc that are really cross-platform issues that can be discussed by everyone and is not specific to the platform itself. 

It seems Console Corner is an afterthought and the whole gaming section a little messy as a whole for a console player's point of view. Even, if I was playing on PC, I'm not sure I would divide the forums up by genre. But that's another story.

What would I do? 

I would have one Main open gaming forum and the games popular to this forum will always be bumped to the top, right? Popular topics will stay on the first page. It's supply and demand. I like games from many genres so if I'd rather not have to be stuck in one forum section because it falls in to a genre. Also, one might not like RPG's so well never visit the RPG section. But there could be that game that will spark someone's interest but they wont see it. However, if it was just one open forum, popular games getting bumped to the top, others will be exposed to them and may pop in a eventually be interested.

I would have a PC Gaming Sub-Forum where topics will need to be PC-related or you'll have games that are PC Only. 

For console issues there can Xbox One topic where all issues relating to that Xbox One can go but it's just a topic. Doesn't need a whole forum. 

Main thing is the Gaming landing page or whatever you would call it prioritizes games. When I click on Games, I'm seeing topics, instantly for games. Not, sub-genres, platforms and then games. 

In conclusion..

Point would be not to divide the gaming community up by platform and genres but rather have an all-inclusive Gaming section that's more active, rather than very less active sub-forums. Gamers can chat about Fallout or GTA with common, non-platform-specific issues, like beating a mission or finding a collectible. Then, if you need it you can have sub-forums for more specific issues. Gaming/games first > PC Gaming > Console Gaming etc etc

I hope I make sense. Anyway, just my thoughts.

Otherwise, great forum so far! :)



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Hey thanks for the feedback!

You are correct the console forum does look like an afterthought because it does not have the same number of subforums. For consistancy therefore, the forum layout should really look like this...


The reason I have not done this, is that sub forums are created when the demand requires it - otherwise forums look dead and do not encourage participation.

This is also explains why the PC forums have many subforums. In the beginning, there was one PC forum, however when a forum grows to many thousands of posts, it's time to create sub-forums to cater for the demand, that's why you see 8 or so subforums there for 42,000 posts.

I'll have a think about it, the feedback is much appreciated.

I get your point about having one large non genre specific forum where the posts of interest will always rise to the top, and it can draw attention to something you may not have otherwise been interested in, but if you put all these posts into one forum it becomes a bit unwieldy if you are only interested in a particular genre. 

I thought you might pick up on the most glaring of omissions though...but its not an easy fix so I'm glad!

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