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What's your ingame playstyle?

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Hey all!

I'm pretty excited to have seen my current stats as they stand, 99% tactical, go me! need to work on my precision though, generally I'm an okay shot, just that there's a short delay in the bolt action rifles firing off after rechambering and by that point the guy I wanted to hit has moved. 

My playstyle is 'Ranger' and I still have NO idea what these playstyles mean; I can only assume 'Ranger' mixes long and short range with maximum tactics and stealth, I don't think UBI has posted an official legend behind these or how they're calculated. 

I'm not sure how the 'favourite weapon' is calculated either, but I'd say by now it's a mix of the Tavor and the MSR. not the Tavor and G36 as stated. 

What's your playstyle peeps?


Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Wildlands2017-3-13-2-42-46.png

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just finished the story last night, stats have barely changed, been a ranger from day one but feel like my play style has changed.

does anyone think that favorite weapon on this screen doesn't reflect what you used most or had most kills with? 


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My play style at start was overwatch then switched to ranger. Decided to go close to mid range for fallen ghosts and still ranger I think its a combination between favorite weapon and tactical and stealth percentages maybe have to do with  average distance too. 

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