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Patch 1.1.5 release - FPS hit?

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Hello Ghosts,

At 8:30pm UTC today, we’re going to apply a patch 1.1.5 for the PC version (Uplay & Steam) of Ghost Recon Wildlands.
This intermediary patch, is providing you with some major fixes and improvements regarding compatibility and performances. 

Players in game need to reboot the game to apply the patch. Its size is up to 4 GB depending on your client. 
You can still keep on playing and wait before applying the patch. An in-game notification will let you know when the patch is available.
Please note that in order to play co-op with friends, you will need to all have the same version of the game. 

Please be aware that the patch will automatically download the next time you launch the game, so if you are already in a game session, you will need to reboot it to benefit from the improvements. 
If you’re planning on playing tomorrow, we recommend you to preload the patch starting tonight.

Please find below an overview of main changes:

1. Multi-GPU improved support

We have been working with our partners to improve both SLI and Crossfire support. Various stuttering and graphical corruption issues have now been fixed. 

2. Quad-core CPUs improved support

Several freezes and performance issues have been resolved for players using quad-core CPUs, notably Intel i5 based setups. 

3. AMD graphic cards improved performances
4. Enhanced mouse navigation in store menu
5. 4K menu background scaling implemented 
6. Several crash sources have been addressed
7. Improved Ansel support and fixed bugs
8. Other bug fixes & improvements.

The development team will continue to address existing issues in the next update that will be available around the end of March/early April across all platforms. 


BIG hit on my frame rate with this patch :o(




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