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Recruiting hardcore friends

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Hey all I play on Xbox one. Have been playing Ghost Recon since original Xbox. I am looking for a few hardcore team mates. I am enjoying playing this new wildlands but only on max difficulty with hud and mini map off.  I know that is an acquired taste and not for everyone so I am on the hunt for the hardcore out there.  If you like to play like this shoot me a friend request. I am flexible beyond that. Would love to have designated roles and what not if people are that into it. Otherwise just people playing at a high strategic level is what I am after. Gt on Xbox is Xx Ghost

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Question, I too was going for this but have found the hud to need to be on. 

Games to big to not have a mini map and it seems that when you turn other aspects of the Hud off you loose options displayed on the screen like what options you can do when grabbing a character, choosing between skill points and side ops. Just commit it all to memory?

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Hey man, 

I've been playing on Extreme in solo but with the HUD turned on. I also have all icons off, except for mission reminders because mission reminders showed the timer when clearing out the radio-station side-quests. 

I'm assuming I wont need the timer any more seeing as it's probably the same amount of time throughout the game?

Also, willing to try mini-map off.. 


l Mister Pink l


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I'm 100% down to try this. Been trying to find someone to play this game on a tactical level. Also love the idea of roles. That's something I've also been wanting to do but it's hard enough to get people who wanna play tactically. I'm sure we can run through the first few missions and figure out what HUD components absolutely need to be on. Lemme know what's up. Hopefully we can get a full squad.

Gamertag: BE3MO (pronouced bmo)

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