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Old School Ghost Recon co-op


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So....I'm looking to host some old school GR...yeh Havok's House is coming back...from waaay back. I've been through all three campaigns with the AI and dying to deploy with some real grunts.

I'm looking at this Saturday night. I'm in Eastern Time Zone so hopefully I want to be up and hosting around 9pm EST. Possibly even looking to host if I can get some people together on Sunday afternoon as well....2pm EST or so.

Will be hosting comms on Discord..once I figure it out ;-) It's been a while since I have played online...but won't take me long. Hopefully there will be no technical issues.

GR with DS and IT will be the flavour of the night. Depending on turnout GANGLAND may be in play. You can download it here

You can download Discord here

Just a little heads up for anyone interested.

Gameplay will be Elite...threat indicator off. 

All are welcome....OGs and new Gs :ph34r:

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On 3/10/2017 at 08:23, Lightspeed said:

I'm going to try to make it for your Saturday, my Sunday at midday if you can believe that!

So you'll be playing from the future eh? ;-)

My Discord ID is Havok #5397 for those interested in tonight's festivities.

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Right on looking forward to this. Gonna be nice to meet you Havoc and Lightspeed. 

Any last minute thoughts on running the Not A Game mod by any chance? I know it's pretty late to ask so its understandable if it's not doable for you guys..

That's too bad it's too late for comms where you're at Zee. Never fun trying to play anything multiplayer without a mic.. 

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I will be hosting tonight somewhere between 9pm and 10pm EST tonight.


Discord server invite is here..... HAvok's House

I`ve never ran Discord before...last time I gamed it was TeamSpeak in use.


I will post a new thread in the Games Room with server IP once I am up and running.

6 hours ago, Zeealex said:

i'd love to join you guys but it's far too late in the night for me to do any viable comms. 

have a good time all!

I will try and host tomorrow afternoon too if all goes well...earlier time for those across the pond.

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