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my goal is to replace outdated official plugins with new ones + possibility to import files, so, i think it's (almost) what you want.

I will check files later, it's not a problem at all, but you can try this:

1. Get this (https://github.com/AlexKimov/RSE-file-formats/blob/master/010Editor-templates/QOB.bt). it's format template.

2.and this  https://www.sweetscape.com/010editor/

3. Open weapon .qob file in 010 editor and apply template (Menu - Templates - Run Template - Choose QOB.bt).

4. Now you can see a structure tree, move down to points, choose your point and change pos values (X, Y, Z). Actually it's a matrix, but you need only a translation part.

5. Repeat for every single file you want.

it won't fix all kind of problems, but maybe you'll find better positions applicalible for all models.

process from "my side" looks like this


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Nice nice. I take it this is mostly just a viewer right now?

I just figured out a little thing for making MP kit restrictions a LOT easier to make using MATLAB (IGOR is slow and dumb), could serve as a basis for a more user-friendly tool in the future. For my current mod project I have 8000+ kits to deal with so adding them one by one would be very annoying. Not sure if @ApexModsfound an efficient method for HU or just used IGOR or something.

Basically I have a folder with all the kits I want to add. In the example I'm showing, these kits are for the Special Forces Advisors who are using basic weapons used by the locals (AKs, PKMs, etc). I select the folder with the code and it'll create a structured set of fields with information on each file, figure out how many files are there, extract just the names, then print the file names with the proper prefix and suffix syntax to the command window. From there, just copy and paste that into a kit restriction file.

Still room to refine this some. For my purposes, I'm probably going to add a "mp" prefix and have one folder with "mp" added to the file name to make sure that each MP kit exists only once. I also have some ideas for how to include the part for the specific actor. Not sure what the . and .. files are supposed to be, easy to take those out.


EDIT: The other ideas weren't hard.




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i can help you with any tool, but i don't know much about modding in GR, that's also means i don't really undestand what are you trying to do.


I take it this is mostly just a viewer right now?

well, script needs some serious testing, but everything works:

it can load skeleton from .chr, apply animation from any .bmf and save animation back to the file. Skeleton export also works, although not in this script.

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Basically I'm trying to make MP kit restrictions easier to create.

In SP, the kits used are based on a certain folder where the kits are placed. The kits used are based on a line in the .atr file. Below is an example from HU.


The order in which they appear is based on alphabetical order though slightly different than what you'll see in the file explorer (file explorer is smart enough to put M4 before M1014, but in OGR you'll see the M1014 before the M4 since it doesn't take "whole numbers" into account and seems to do it on a character-by-character basis, assuming they are using the same naming convention). This special order is part of why I'm using a special numbering system in Violence of Action: to have complete control on which order the weapons appear and make sure variants don't get mixed up together as well as just general organization based on my own system.

In MP, the system is different. The kits for each actor and they order they appear is based on a kit restriction file. See below for an example from HU on what they look like.


Notice that there is a specific syntax and that kits are determined for each actor. The order in which the kits appear is the order in this document. The first 3 actors for each platoon (mp_plt1 through mp_plt4) are used for AI backup. The AI backup weapon is the first one to appear for that actor.

If you aren't working with thousands of kits, adding them by hand or with IGOR probably isn't too big of a deal. But if you are? Yeah no. This isn't something I had to deal with when working on Cloak-and-Dagger (an addon for HU) since a lot of the infrastructure was already setup and easy to modify. For Violence of Action, I am now forced to create most of the infrastructure myself.

What I have setup with MATLAB is some code that creates the lines that call the actor and the specific kits I want for that actor. With those lines generated, I can just copy and paste into the .kil (kit restriction) file using a text editor (in my case I make use of Notepad++). While there is plenty of work in setting up the kits and organizing them, the MATLAB code I wrote will make the process of making .kil files much faster and easier since I can generate large sections of it quickly.

What would probably be useful for modding would be a tool that generates the kit lines for all kits in a folder selected by the user. Open tool, select folder, then create a text document or something with the lines for the kits with proper syntax. Simple and efficient. Still work that needs to be done to make it all work correctly and some setup time, but will save a lot of time if there's a bunch of kits that need to be added (like my 8000+ in Violence of Action).

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still don't know how to make "weights" work with character skeleton to finish (at least one) 3ds max script, but i I've done almost nothing for it. So, now we have noesis (link to program) plugin (link to script) to view RSB textures. It can open .rsb file from any Red Storm game. I'll finish export part of the code (save to rsb format) and post final version here with instructions. But what are "My Plans", it something I've never even used. 

As i remember, it supposed to be a photoshop plugin, but something went wrong. Links to PS plugin file are still here (http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?/topic/61545-gr-community-sdk/).

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