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What's SDK?

Discussion is started here: www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?/topic/61315-universal-mission-script-template/


Gthub repository



Photoshop x64 RSB plugin


enables to open RSB textures with Photoshop x64 version. (RSB - red storm bitmap)

Supported Games List:

Ghost Recon 2 XBOX (wip, .xpr files plugin) | open

Rainbow Six LockDown | open, save (partly)

The Sum of All Fears (2002)| open, save

Ghost recon + addons (2001 - 2003) PC and XBOX | open, save

Rainbow six series (1998-2001) | open, save (partly)

Freedom First Resistance (2000)| open, save

Shadow Watch (2000) | open, save (partly)

Bang! Gunship Elite (2000) | open, save (partly)

Force 21 (1999)| open, save (partly)

Dominant species (1998) open

Dev/testing software: Windows 7 x64, Photoshop CC 2017 + SDK, Visual Studio C++ 2013.

download: ___

version history:

0.6 + dxt support

0.5 + new Export Dialog, fixed a few bugs.

0.41 + rainbow six series

0.4 export settings

0.3 Fixed some bugs (ZeeAlex)

0.2 Saving added (no settings).

0.1: Initial release. Export is not supported (yet).


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5 hours ago, AlexKimov said:

Xbox GhostRecon 2 is on the way... but it's look like this right now. It's nice looking, isn't it?


It's promising looking that's for sure; GR2 content on GR would be... An IMPORTANT scientific investigation that will require... Peer review... Lots of peer review! :zorro:

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I doubt it, that would mean getting the source code to change the shaders to allow different textures and maps, not impossible, but it would take a long time.


If i'm right in thinking, Mr Kimov, here is showing the capability of his SDK to extract the textures from the console versions of the game + GR2

if GR2 models can be extracted, and rigged up for the original, its plausible to believe that, at least the characters and vehicles, could be put into the original game, however the maps may not work very well.

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