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Admitting it's not helpful, but could you play this without a headset?

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Hey gang. I realize it's not optimal, nor helpful, I'm just wondering -- could this game (online, co-op) be played without a headset? 

If I can listen to teammates (through regular headphones) but not speak to them, is it possible to get things done and not get kicked out? I'm an older dude, and wearing headphones while holding a controller and talking to the TV with other people around has always embarrassed me.

I regularly kicked ass w/o a mic on GRAW2, granted because I knew what to do (constantly looking on map, making sure to cover areas human teammates were not addressing). I admit this is not GRAW2.

So, barring "get a mic" or "I guess, but don't" -- how much fun could I have without ing up others experiences can I have? I have the game, no headset. 

Thanks for entertaining my question and accepting that I realize this is a compromise. Just want thoughts. 

EDIT: I realize the content of my post will most likely prevent anyone from wanting to play with me, but I'm an old school GR fan (Xbox GR and GR2, and both GRAW titles only). If you're on Xbox and could appreciate that I mean well, please consider "friending" me on Xbox so I can play with you. My gamertag is Jingle Johnson. Looking to see one of you this afternoon, please! Thanks! (I can hear you!)

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This does not stop you playing co-op with friends. The original Ghost Recon made it a little easier because you could bind custom phrases to key strokes.

So for example, you might have bound the phrase "understood, on my way" to let keyboard combo of CTRL+O. Then when you are playing the game and one of your buddies says to you in your headset "bakesalee stop messing around and get over to the objective right now" - you would press CTRL+O and on the screen your text message "understood, on my way" would appear!

Like I said though, that was the original, Wildlands does not have this exact feature, but it does have text chat. I think the key is "y". 

So when you want to respond to some chat you hear in your headset, you can hit "y", then type a reply, hit return, and that message will appear on screen to your buddies.

Does that help?

Oh wait, bad me, your are on xbox! 

This is more difficult then, there is no ingame chat on xbox :o(


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Your old, you shouldn't get embarrassed by ###### anymore.

And you're playing Xbox and wearing headphones, so how much more of a leap is it to actually talking? :)

You're a gamer mate, embrace it!

And yes you need it, it sucks playing with someone who cant talk on comms - 99.99% of clans would make it compulsory to participate.

So go an buy one and game.

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