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Hi. 30 mins till I get hooked on video games again!

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So, GRWL is about to launch, I'm way more psyched than for xmas!  I'm an old guy, played GR a ton and GRAW a bunch.  Spent waaaayyy too much time playin AA when it was good.  Since AA went south though, hadn't played much of anything too much.  When I need to kill someone online these days I get my fix on Starwars Battlefront, 'cause lightsabers are kicka$$.  Apparently I've had a GRNET account for 11 years, and haven't ever really posted here.  I plan on spending an unhealthy amount of time playing GRWL though, so I'll be on here a bunch... can't wait to meet a bunch of you guys and hopefully get some good headshots on some of you! :cowboy:  K, now there's 21 mins left!!!!

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