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Me in Paris with GRW Devs and Fans

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With 4 days to go to Wildlands release, it's getting really crazy mental with new content etc, but it's also time I can reflect on the journey I've had with Wildlands, starting with the trip to LA for E3 in 2015, followed by 3 or 4 trips to the Paris design studio.

One of my favourite photographs in reception area of the studio, with fans and lead GRW devs - Dominic Butler on right and Nouredine Abboud on the left.

Great times!



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We had the best time Easy - Ubi really looked after us well. 

I mean, we couldn't talk about anything outside of the studio, and I did not relish the front of camera stuff, but the workshops were good; we got a lot of feedback out and covered a lot of ground. We were PC and console mix of different ages and different game type preferences, but we all loved the franchise and we all made great friendships that have remained.



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And there there were these nights....oh those nights lol. This photo is from the very first night we met - LA 2015.

The guy next to me (I'm on the right) with the crazy face on, thats mattshotcha, Ghost Recon fan - not long after that photo was taken he become Community Manager on The Division!


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Not sure if I am meant to post this, but what the hell.

This photo is taken during an early morning meeting with Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft, where we shared breakfast together. Except no-one ate anything apart from Yves, we were too nervous lol!

This one explains why we are called The Breakfast Club. But because TBC is a trademark, they can't use it officially - hence why in Wildlands, if you look at the T-Shirt options, you will see an "Early Morning" t-shirt - a little easter egg for you guys.





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Great stuff Rocky!! I'm glad that you have some recognition from Ubi and they invited you out there. Looks like some serious fun was had.

You have done a lot for the whole GR series over the years through ghostrecon.net. And for grnet to be still going strong (and methinks also going through a big revival due to GRW) after all these years...awesome!! 

The work you have done and the effort put in is much appreciated by us grunts ;-) ....and always will be.



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