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How to activate a demo charge

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you cant as far as i know. they only work in missions where it designates you to place it. and in DS and IT in the missions, i think they actually blow up after like 10 - 15 seconds after placing them in the right spot. but as far as triggering them online, i have no idea, so i dont see why they still include them in LMS and other matches of the sort. but they still work in coop. hope this answers your inquiry.

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Demo charges are not user detonatable or time triggered for a lack of a better word.

In GR no demo charges explode on their own, you plant them if they are part of the objectives and after the mission they blow up in a premade cutscene. On DS on the Aurora map, demo charges explode 10-15 seconds after they are placed.

Now on Co-Op or MP, demo charges do not blow up unless they are part of the objective.When you plant the demo charge it will tell you to get out of the area if they are set to explode.

Now on HX4 there is several missions where the demo charges blow up in game. There is also a "Demo Run" game type where the demo charges blow up after being placed.

When you play LMS or siege or some other MP game type- the demo charges are useless, they do not blow up.

Now there are some mods that have times demo charges, but I dont know any of the names of the mods.

Basicly dont take demo charges unless its part of the mission SP or MP.


No idea why they didnt make a patch to exclude them from LMS,Siege,SAR,etc.

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The demo charges in the first GR mission pack detonate in the little movie after the level is won. In DS and IT they explode after 10 - 15 secs. In case anyone would like to know how to inhance their explosives, you can do it using IGOR. I made the m202 shells be more explosive so I have more fun. (I mean the blast radius).

-Start IGOR


-Projectile Editor

-Select the explosive charge

-Go to Edit Explosion

I Just thought people may be interested....

P.S. - The larger the number of radius etc. is more powerful. DON'T make anything over 50 or you will probably get smoked as well.

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