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Panics Hi-Res Triple


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bit of a mix of things today, actually there is a bunch more, i tried a few different things, and some really high res images, and tbh it's just a pain and i don't see the benefit above a certain resolution, someone tell me if they think there is some real image quality benefit from super super high res images.

i'll have to post some comparisons in a different thread because side by side (file size put aside), native resolution vs super high res, the 2 images are completely different. ive seen some discussion about this happening in other games with Ansel. if one was better than the other then that would be fine, but it seems like some parts of one are good and other parts not so much, for example, the super high res images, the water looks terrible.

anyway, more Bolivia...



seems like some changes were made from the BETA, previously if you were hit with a mortar strike you turned to spaghetti, but now there seems to be proper animations








i took a series of images with this one, and again it was a case of the images that were saved, didnt really reflect what I saw, i'll post some of the others tomorrow because i stumbled upon an interesting situation that allows for some nice effects.


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all from Wildlands Rocky, i'm in the Unidad uniform with a 249 on my back :]

problem with the golf course is that when you turn up the golfers tend to walk away, i can't tell if it's because they did a bad shot or that are not happy that you are there. does seem like they throw the club down in disgust and just walk off the course haha. so have to time your approach carefully because you don't get long.


changed outfit to my golfing gear for the ones below



just messing about with this one below, but you can start to see the individual frames when you start tweaking (notice the squares in the sky/clouds)


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edit: adding pics
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stumbled upon a few different ways of triggering DOF, of course with Ansel you can move around anywhere and fortunately it keeps the DOF effect. gives me a headache trying to find anything at this close range but looks great at certain points. here's a dump of pics i grabbed this evening








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Phenomenal images. 

I remember thinking to myself maybe around a year or two ago, why can't we have a shooter that looks as good as an adventure game? That would be the business!

Now, thanks to Wildlands, we do!!

Really great images Panic, thanks. 

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never seen a llama on the salt flats before so was pretty curious when i spotted this one walking towards us, i hung around for a while to see what it was doing, then it just started spitting at me haha. this is why Alpacas are better than llamas!



never noticed these were all different colours



i'm not even sorry for another landscape shot







images edited to my taste.

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