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Helllooooo GR-dot-net!!!!


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Hellooooo gr-dot-net!!  Man, I am so surprised that my user account is still active lol.  Rock?  zjj?  You guys still around?

I came by because I saw that the new "open world" GR is about to do a open beta in a few days.  I might try it out.  I really have not been a big fan of the GR incarnations since the initial PC release.  I've been playing a crapload of Ark though.  Close to 3k hours of it LOL.  Really fun game.  Anyway, just wanted to pop by in case this new GR is worth its salt, wouldn't mind teaming up with some OG GR players.

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8 hours ago, Lightspeed said:

Wow look at that, some serious old schoolers - I told you there was a revival Rocky.

That says a lot about the positive direction Ubi took this time with GRW.

I was just thinking this myself the other day Lightspeed. There has been a lot of the 'old skool' people hanging around here lately...people from waaay back. OGR brought me back here...but I would assume GRW is the reason for most of the others. When I came back I went through the profiles of others I used to game with before. Some of the last log-in dates were ages ago....



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Guys, sorry for the drive-by posting.  I do mean to stick around here more often now.

Cpl - I stopped building and flying after the FAA got all gung ho with it.  I still have all my gear and do plan to fly again but for now there's just so much bad press surrounding drones mostly because of people that just buy them without learning the laws.

But I'll be honest with you guys.  I was not very happy with Wildlands.  Believe me I tried.  But when I accidentally drove a jeep with opertors and package on board over a cliff, flipped over 5 times, and somehow managed to come out alive to get into another jeep which I then purposefully drove off an even higher cliff just cos I knew I could ... well, this was Fry Cry 4 reskinned in my opinion.

Are you guys running hardcore coop sessions or something?  I could see it having some potential then especially with some reality mods.  But Wildlands out of the box is not GR to me at all.

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