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Hello all,


OK, first up, let me take this opportunity to most sincerely apologize (especially those who donated) for the GRC (ghostreconconnect.net) system failing.


"What went wrong?", I here you say?

After hosting a pool of servers from my home for over five years on a shoestring budget something had to give and eventually it did, in trying to minimize electricity costs I shut down the slave node (physical computer) and NAS to NAS replication, which safeguards data loss in the event of hardware failure. After more than a year without rebooting the master node I thought I should service it, on reboot, the PSU failed and so did the local HDD.


The disaster recovery

I tried all manner of recovery techniques with mixed success but I lost too much data to recover the virtual server lists from the master node, eventually, I got too tired and stressed, I needed to have a break, so I did just that. When I returned with a fresh set of brains, to my disbelief,  I managed to get the virtual machine lists from the slave node imported into the server pool and it worked, however, the GRC (GameSpy replication) virtual machine was not one of them. probably due to it never being rebooted since I instead it.


The new  GameSpy solution

After the meltdown occurring on my home system and the associated costs hosting from home in Australia, I have created a new installation for the GameSpy alternative on a professional server in the USA.I'm moving the project forward and I will be actively looking for testers (& developers .NET C# PHP) to join - I'm comforted by the fact there are many other projects such as this (surviving on donations) centering on supporting just one game and perhaps other Gamespy games in the future. Users can also create free Clan websites as one of the gamerecon services.


Gamerecon - Services & Resources for Multiplayer Gaming Communities


More about gamerecon

Users can play GRAW2 and also develop their own website (without needing to know how to code) but there are a few bugs, nothing major, and more service to add. Unfortunately, everyone will need to rejoin the forum, in addition, users will need to create new in-game accounts to play  GRAW2 on Gamerecon.


See you there.



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