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unwritt3n's Ghost Recon campaign play-through (2017)

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MISSION 08 - Zebra Straw OBJECTIVES 1. Secure the village 2. Destroy east artillery 3. Destroy north artillery 4. Protect friendly tank OVERVIEW 34 restarts. That's how many

MISSION 01 – IRON DRAGON OBJECTIVES 1. Neutralise tent camp troops 2. Secure the caves 3. Return to insertion zone 4. Capture Papashvili OVERVIEW The first mission isn’t a great

MISSION 05 – Gold Mountain OBJECTIVES 1. Secure the bank 2. Investigate crash site 3. Go to extraction zone 4. Avoid civilian casualties OVERVIEW I'm not going to lie. I rest

Well, I just finished the Desert Siege campaign tonight. Same soldiers throughout and not 1 KIA!

I have them all recorded, just need to edit and upload. I'm on the search for good free video editing software that's capable of 1440p. Everything free doesn't seem to allow that. Else I'll just revert to the YouTube online editor again.

Once I've got the videos sorted, I'll create a new thread :)

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