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Windows 10 upgrade causing web page issues.

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Ok so I am having some kind of issue since I upgraded from Windows 7 Pro to windows 10 pro. I did the free upgrade a couple of weeks ago and I am now having issues.

Two issues and they are probably both cause by the same thing. When I go onto kijiji.ca to upload pictures the first picture or two will load...then the third will load but only showing half the image with the rest of the image grey. I have updated the usual suspects...Flash...Java etc. I do not have this issue uploading pictures to other sites....i.e. Ebay.

Also on some webpages some things will not load...prime example to show is this page http://www.sportsnet.ca/schedule/ . When I pull up that page everything loads except for the actual schedule. I can see the list of channels and times...but the middle part that would show the program scheduled is grey. If i slide the bar along the bottom as if I am checking the different times....it goes just plain white.


This is doing my head in lolz...this issue exists in every browser I have tried...Opera, Explorer, Edge, Firefox and Google. Tried searching the 'net but I can't find any resolutions that work.

I used the girlfriend's laptop which is running a clean install of Windows 10 and do not have these issues.


If it matters I am on a Thinkpad T500 running in 64-bit.




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