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I've been trying to get my Ghostrecon Advanced Warfighter 2 going for sometime now and finally found out the place we were playing has gone down and there are efforts getting it going again.  The problem is money.  I have a problem considering giving money that would only go down a rat hole.  First, is there anyplace where this program is playing, if so, where?  Is there any interest anymore?  Don't join in this discussions just to bad mouth the game, just give me your appraisal as to its probability to make it.  I believe it has failed again because it was still tied somehow with gamespy.  To me there was too much difficulty getting logged on so people just gave up.  It needs to be as easy as it was when it was flourishing with gamespy.  Its been a while, is gamespy the one the kept this going so good a few years ago?  If there was enough interest, I'm sure if everyone would just pay a little.  Lets try and work it out and support this great game!!!!!!



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I have jointed the new game site "gamerecon.net" and having no problems playing the game now.  Struth has done a good job there, the NEW Launcher worked great.  Only needed to modify my anti-virus program to allow it to run the Launcher.


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