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Ghost Recon and Chill - Sat 11/02/2017


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Evening everyone! 

Myself and a couple of others at Blackfoot have arranged a chilled out Ghost Recon COOP gaming session tomorrow (11/02/2017) it's been mentioned in the wildlands thread, however this is a dedicated thread which will contain information and you can ask any questions you would like here. 

What Expansions?
Both, Desert Siege and Island thunder will be required. 

What Mods?

It will be either:
Heroes Unleashed and One Shot One kill (if enough people have HU and the game is stable for the majority of the time with it)

One Shot One Kill
M4 Sopmod
HK Assault special 1 & 2
And a custom Blackfoot kit mod that makes the team's demo experts more flexible, it's a very duct tape solution with bugged icons as I don't have an RSB compatible photoshop version anymore.

Download links:

Heroes Unleashed:

One Shot One Kill:


HK Assault Special:

HK Assault Special 2:

Blackfoot Kit Mod:

(requires all weapon mods above)



Where are we convening?
Ghost Recon.NET's Discord server (to save clogging up Blackfoot's)


Who's Hosting?

Myself, provided my network connection is good (I'll be testing with easyco later)
My IP should be

I will confirm these details tomorrow after testing!

What time?
We'll start at 18:00 GMT, late joiners welcome.

What Play-style?
Relaxed (non milsim) but co-ordinated, there will be team-leads in place and tactical decisions will be made on a platoon and team level - anyone is welcome to put in suggestions here but ultimately team-leads will decide on the direction of their respective team

I will be team lead of Charlie and will take up (usually) a Sniper/Recon specialism, so if you're like minded and don't mind a bit of a chatterbox/verbal leader... come join my team! 

Ultimately, Keep it friendly, don't act like a ######, and all will be well! 

We will have Unlimited Respawns on because dying sucks... and I'm a wimp! 


What else?


Any questions, comments, feel free, everything will be confirmed tomorrow.
Also let me know if you would prefer the game with or without HU please, otherwise I will default to with. 

Hope to see you there! 

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