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Hi. First off thank you for accepting me to play the Closed Beta for Ghost Recon Wildlands.

Wildlands is a fantastic game, highly addictive and great if you want to play either single or with your squad. I was playing with my gaming squad last night and we noticed a few glitches that happened such as sometimes one of player markers on the mini map would glitch out and start vibrating like crazy! Also in some cases players on screens would glitch into surroundings i.e. rocks, the ground, cars etc. Also can we have a force kill button when we die, or a shorter wait time? 1 minute is a very long time to be waiting around to get back in game. Can we also have an easier control of the command menu? I am finding it very frustrating navigating the command menu using 'R1', the left stick and 'X' to do a command, maybe 'R1', left stick, release R1 to create command and use 'O' to cancel.
GPS tagging if someone else (and sometimes yourself) often doesn't come up on others 'TACMAPs' and mini maps, which makes is hard to find what destination you need to be going to. One last thing can we just tap 'square' to get in and out of vehicles not hold :P

Other than those minor things Ghost Recon Wildlands is a great game and I can't wait to play the full game!

Thanks again! 

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I'm glad you enjoyed the game but my take is different... I agree Wildlands can be fun... There I said it... But I do not feel it warrants the moniker 'Ghost Recon' -- perhaps just Wildlands, as is this is not Ghost Recon in any way, shape of form, and not a tactical realism game what so ever.

A Tactical Realism is game design by definition and design requires realistic tactics to prevail, Wildlands does not under any circumstances require you to use any realistic tactics -- you may choose to, but that won't improve your chances of prevailing, in fact it will in many occasions slow you down or even get you killed, and make the game less fun -- not a value judgement, it's a fact that many corroborate.

A little summery of realism genre is in order because there's a lot of miss use on this forum referencing this game and what constitutes an action realism game, tactical realism game, a milsim, and the 'Tom Clancy' and 'Ghost Recon' monikers used to indicate you were going to get a tactical realism game, not an an action realism game, not a milsim, and not an role playing game:


Action/Arcade/Fantasy Realism 

Are games where the only realism is aesthetic affectation, you prevail or win by mastering game mechanics that typically will have nothing to do with reality other then someone 'really' saw them in a movie or a comic book In fact in many of these games if you actually try to use realistic tactics you will not prevail because the mechanics of the game obviate realistic tactics. Action realism games allow for tactics but they are fantasy tactics like (and certainly not limited to): circle strafing, slide shooting, diving, run & gun. Games in this genre include but certainly aren't limited to: Counter Strike, Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, Max Payne, and now Wildlands.

Tactical Realism

Tactical Realism games are games where realistic tactics prevail and an unrealistic approach like 'circle strafing'  or run & gun will not only not allow you to prevail; you will fail.  Tactical realism games can try to enforce a wide range of realistic tactical behaviors from weapon handling and fire control (supported fire, suppression, reconnaissance by fire, indirect fire) to tactical squad maneuver and maneuver fire (bounding, cover fire, intersecting fire lanes, enfilade) -- and this only scratches the surface.  Tactical realism games are not simulators the game may not be to scale in terms of time, range of engagement, damage etc. and the game may use unrealistic means (interfaces and features most typically) to encourage or even enforce the use realistic tactics. Tactical realism games include: the Rogue Spear, Ghost Recon, Raven Shield, Sum Of All Fears, Full Spectrum Warrior, SOCOM Tactical Strike.

Military Simulation

Military Simulation are designed to simulate specific small or large context aspects of military operations including but not limited to combat with the greatest fidelity and accuracy to scale practical. 'MilSims' are not games or game like, rewarding, or in many cases even winnable; they are training tools intended to educate and inform regarding many aspects of military operations from logistics and planning, strategy, tactics, positioning, and putting these individually or collectively under a microscope to see how they may interact in practice. Military simulations incude but are not limited to: VBS, TitanIM, and DARWARS Ambush.

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My disappointment with Wildlands is that it doesn't even offer token recognition of the tactical realism -- the popular genre the Tom Clancy and Ghost Recon monikers inaugurated. Wildlands is not in any way shape for form realistic or authentic; in fact if flies in the face of realism in just about every respect of game design. This isn't a value judgement, again it's a fact, just a few examples to illustrate this:

· you have to grind and find magic pickups just to get a marginally realistic load-out
· first gen fidelity night vision with a ghetto digital affectation -- pseudo fifty year old technology
· you acquire magical skills through magical pickups obviating native player skill
· bots have no noise detection you can over in with a helicopter and they don't see you till you shoot
· bots have no light detection you can stealth up to them brightly illuminated, shooting out lights has no effect
· use of cover and concealment offers no advantages you can Rambo more effectively and rape/grind faster

Again these are just a few examples; I've done every objective and side mission in the beta/demo multiple times -- summarily not only are realistic tactics not a requirement in this game, they're less effective and make you feel ridiculous 'pretending' this is an immersive realistic operation. With a creepy psychotic yelling the obvious at you, and the most challenging contact is an explosion of retrograde Serious Sam zerging zombie bots that all look like robot clones where charging is their primary tactic with erratic and infrequent use of cover (just like Serious Sam) -- it's cartoon, it's occasionally good fun, it's not realistic in any way shape or form other then as an advertising vehicle.

All that and more; like taking a really pretty and smart actress giving her bad direction and a terrible script for the vo lead that makes her sound more psychotic scary freak then the cartoon drug robots our recon team is going after (I hope this helps and doesn't hurt her career), a depiction of drug crime in Peru that not only would offend many Peruvians; it isn't remotely accurate or authentic with respect to anything that's actually happening in Peru -- I could go on but there's so much wrong with this game that are in as many ways as offensive as they are disappointing it's really sad to see Ubisoft go this direction with what was a fairly adult game 'franchise' that apparently isn't a franchise.

I do still find Wildlands likable; anything that people put a lot of time and effort into reveals this as well -- for all its flaws and warts Wildlands is no exception, and Ubisoft will get the ultimate complement from me as I will probably buy the game. But I hope they hear and most importantly listen what tactical realism fans are saying, and add not another idiot action/arcade 'hardcore' mode, but actually put some effort into a tactical realism game mode for this game that raises the bar of its limited and very shallow neck down game play...

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I too would like to say thank you Ubisoft for allowing me to play the beta i didn't think I was going to get to but thank you it was amaZing fun great detail really fun I  have a few mates that I played it with we all enjoyed it a lot 

The amount of work put into this is amazing ,the mission on the beta did go fast but hey it was about helping find the bugs and having fun it's a video game and a good one in that case not kissing a##

I did find a few bugs 

#1 was when me and a couple of friends were having a race to the objective I looked over to my mate and seen  he was floating on his car then disappearing 

#2 was the random spinning blown up car that kill me and a friend

#3 was when hoping into a vehicle I would accelerated and it wouldn't move I had to hop put then jump back in that happen a few times when doing the plane hijack side mission 


#4 was getting kicked from vehicles randomly while driving

Besides that amazing work guys 


101459 honestly man if you are complaing about it not being realistic and all you had to say 

 You know it's not real life right? It is a game! If you want to be realistic go outside and join the real armed forces  and use your real life tactics see how that works out for ya! ,your complaing about something that has taken a group of people a long time in hard work to make if the game was fully realistic no-one would play it honestly if it was realistic as you wouldn't wanna get shot and have to start again as a new person  or sit in rehab recovering from and injury 

No offence mate but it's a game and a good game

Ghost recon team over all great game can't wait for March 7th in NZ even got my partner into it now I just have to talk her into getting it for my birthday present as my birthdays in March so fingers crossed or else I'll just preorder it on the sly hahahaha 

Cheer for the great opportunity 



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