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Wildlands Closed Beta - Press Release

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8 hours ago, spikemtz said:

Yep! Elite Warriors: Vietnam! I like the nWorld engine games, but they are definitely buggy. Retroism just re-released Line of Sight: Vietnam and Deadly Dozen on Steam. Not sure about Deadly Dozen, but they updated LOS:V and made it even buggier than it was before. 

Cool! Will look for them!

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Isn't the beta supposed to start preloading today? Do we know if we need to enter a code we're emailed or if there'll be a message on accounts linked to our email saying we can go for this or what?

Nothing in my email, my Xbox Live gamertag was linked to my beta application so I thought maybe there'd be a message there, or it would be added to my DL queue,  but nothing so far.

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My understanding is that it should say on the official site if you got in, after opening the beta tab. After that it's a matter of waiting for the key.

Unfortunately I didn't get in. 

Anybody on Xbox One get in and willing to share a code?

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1 hour ago, Lightspeed said:

well I didn't get one, I'm sure you will all let us know how it goes.

now I'm getting back to building Witch Fire in Arma 3 and this remake will blow your minds. :)

I was left out too, looks like we're both swimming it in... I think Ubisoft looks at their Uplay and Steam registers, see who pays, and rather then rewarding loyal customers with an opportunity to check out the new thing; belives they can bait you with the idiot market think that loyal customers will  pre-order to get to a brown star beta prize -- and a free sticker you can wear on your forehead.

As I write this I'm looking at the Wildlands ad thumbnail in Uplay, realizing they have their Mall Ninja silhouetting the sky, with a handgun, in a crouched baby's first paint ball pose, being turned on by a helecopter... I'm much more excited about Ghost Recon, I mean Witch Fire on ArmA 3 then I'll ever be about the sophomoric cartoon fantasy Ubisoft is running with.

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