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Ghost Recon Wildlands 20min Walkthrough

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2 hours ago, EasyCo said:

Do you guys connect on Steam or have another way of connecting. I need some like minded individuals if I'm going to try this game out. :)

Good thinking. Getting together for some Wildlands down the road sounds fun.

Unfortunately, I don't have a gaming PC, while most of the users here seem to, so I'll be testing out the squad AI and playing operator dress-up on my Xbone.

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9 hours ago, Rocky said:

What's a real shame about the cut scene scripting is the Wildlands has a great story, and it's being degraded by that cut scene in the latest video. I'm one of those gamers that's never paid much attention to background stories or plots in shooters - not at all. Adventure games like The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, stuff like that yes, the story is everything, but in shooters, for me, meh.

However, in Wildlands they have put some much thought and effort into the narrative, that I have to say it's really hooked me, to the point that one of the motivators to play Wildlands is actually the story, and to see how it's going to play out. I'm bought into the characters, I'm bought into the narrative, and I'm bought into the how player choices will affect the course of the plot. It's clever stuff, and to bring this into a shooter, I really do applaud the dev team on this point.

A mosh pit of zerging zombies? Really? That's not what I have seen or experienced when playing it.

The part about the narrative sounds interesting..


but going on about enemy AI, your impressions would be appreciated.. ai show a sense of self preservation? Does it flank, suppress, does it navigate the environment in interesting ways?


part of what kept me off firefight on graw(console) was the simplicity of enemy AI...

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I like take on the video over at Rock Paper Shotgun here, and the comments. RPS do a good job of realistically managing people's expectations... I think the enemy AI has the prospect for being the most disappointing; the 'deaf, dumb, and blind' comment mirrors exactly what I see in every video ad infinitum, and the comments of just about every reviewer that played the game at e3. 

Even if this game is Ghost Recon: Just Cause COOP, and I'd be okwith that, as I thought Just Cause would be a lot more fun as an objective based COOP game; but the Wildlands enemy AI looks just as bad, in fact worse then JC. If you stop being dazzled by novelty and watch you'll see a lot that's completely ridiculous.

Cartel operators are often some really tough customers; corporeally trained; many are ex special forces from their respective countries, trained by the CIA, and US Special Forces teams, chasing a better paycheck... It would make my day if the enemy AI in Wildlands did any of the things you see them do in Ghost Recon -- nearly twenty years ago *cough*...

Unfortunately I haven't seen one bot (these appear to be angry stupid bots not AI) do anything remotely realistic under the pressure of fire, but return fire, or charge -- they stand or crouch in the open, often hip firing and spraying -- I've never seen them prone, run for cover, fire and encroach, bound, or fall-back, no less flank...

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He's entitled to his opinion no matter how critical it may be. At the end of the day were you not the one who wanted to hear his point of view in the first place? Seems kind of a silly idea to ask for the idea of someone you know will see it with a critical eye and then hold a sarcastic, passive aggressive attitude and use the typical 'why don't you do it' fallacy. The fact that, that in itself is all you retorted with indicates to me as an observer that you had no valid points left in the argument, so you resorted to that silly quip.

Fact of the matter is, people can be critical of a game without knowing how to make one, there is an ENTIRE INDUSTRY around it, if you don't like that I will insert a picture of a door at some point (on my phone at present) 

I personally agree with 101's critical perspective for the most part, however I'm sure Wildlands as a game will serve its purpose; to entertain, sure I don't like the direction ubi have taken with the Cheesy AF VO, some strange features here and there but that doesn't mean at any point that my, 101's opinion should be invalidated because he or I see these thongs and think 'what?!' And either of us can't make a game (fun fact: I have, it was fairly ###### as i'd only spent a week using unreal, but i did it, and I am on two dev teams that are making games right now)


People will say ###### you disagree with and you don't like, guess what? Its life! You probably couldn't make an entire tactical shooter game on your own either.


Peace out darlings!

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Thanks for the response Z,ee but I'm sure 101 is capable of having a go at me himself. :)

I'm old, I'm grumpy and I have low tolerance for negative posts - don't like the game, alright everyone knows, so go and find a game you do like and stop being a drag. Or better still, build the perfect game or mod something you do like. That's my attitude and I'm sticking to it. ;)




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And I'm perfectly capable of defending someone worth defending thank you very much, besides, thats a little hypocritical considering just yesterday you got offended on someone elses behalf over something I said 4 months ago, reviving and derailing a dead thread in the process. 

The same thing can be said for opinions you don't like though, you don't wanna hear someone's opinion, then don't listen and find an echo-chamber to live in for the rest of your life. People are free to criticize something, people are free to share their opinions whether you like that or not, and that includes defending someone else's right to do so without having that opinion invalidated by someone who can't tolerate it and without people being sarcy and trying to start a fight whenever they get the chance. 
I'm sure 101 has a game he likes to play a lot, i'm sure he enjoys games despite them not fitting his niche, but just because he does enjoy games and just because he may have a niche doesn't make his opinion any less valid. 

At the end of the day, you being grumpy with a low tolerance for negative posts is YOUR problem, not his, not mine, not this forum's, so what if that's your attitude? there are more people in this world than you, and just because that's your attitude doesn't make us any less entitled to have and show ours, you don't rule the world, you don't rule the forum, your intolerance is your problem you deal with it. 

I recommend take your own advice, if you don't like negative opinions on these games, go somewhere where everything is peachy or make a community where it is, i wish you luck with that endeavour because even in the Arma community, there are negative opinions. At the end of the day, being sarcastic and passive aggressive about these negative opinions just brings in more, you're not helping yourself. 

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I'm excited for it, it's probably the closest thing to a tac shooter we're ever going to get on consoles. Quite a few things I didn't like but will see how it plays once the beta comes out.

Don't like how you can practically run in front of an unsuspecting guard and they don't see you.

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