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Hello all. I am wanting to install max 5 on my win 7 machine. Of course since it's  a 64 bit system it won't install the license files. Dilla won't do that. I know how to get it to work if only I had a license file ( .lic ) 

A few years ago I wrote a patent and was able to model my device then "explode" it, render an image then with photoshop apply a few filters to create a really nifty "drawing" of the device. It looked great and of course it was to scale and looked professional. I am again in need of doing the same thing. 

My original computer died a horrible death and I lost my program and license. Now that I have new one I am at a loss to reinstall on the 64 bit system. The fix it to install the license file on a "network" computer, in this case the same computer, and point the network file manager to the file. 

Has anyone else overcome this issue? Is it possible to share a license file copy? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Heck I could even fix the one issue I had with the mod I released since I still have backed up copies of the original files. (a piece of the ground went missing in the release...)

That was the Red Five mod. I've always wanted to revisit it and fix it up. I had to rush completion due to some life changes. I can't tell you how many times, like when I'm on a plane, I have closed my eyes and created new maps. Creating the original mod was one of the most satisfying and fun things I ever did. 

Has anyone ever created a mod that went from map to map as if it were connected, continuous? 

Sorry, off topic... 

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Re max 5: With great difficulty. Usually the only way to get it working these days is through a virtual machine running an older version of windows or through certain naughty ways. 


Re continuous maps: I don't think it is strictly possible due to engine limitations, and the command map dicks out past 800 meters. 



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Thanks Zeealex. I think the way I mentioned will work. All I need is a license file to place in the "server". I will keep hacking away at it. 

By continuous maps I was thinking that at the edge of the 400m map you would see where you will play next and then spawn into the next visible section for the next mission. So each map would be 400m (standard IIRC) and all maps in the mission would be "next" to one another. Example: A rural setting that abuts an urban setting that abuts a dock setting that abuts to a container ship setting or something similar. So in the end you would begin each map near the edge close to the extraction zone of the previous map. Using only a fraction of the previous map as the background for the new map.... Hopefully I didn't make that sound more complicated than it is..

I have given a lot of thought on ways to "cheat" the game engine too. It all seems simple now but it was difficult when beginning mods. Distance lends perspective I suppose..


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