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Today I learned, if youre a beger, you can't be a chooser lol. 

Blenders texture paint feature is utterly useless however... 


There is an alternative. 



The old free program put out by the creators of Zbrush. Sculptris makes a decent replacement. 


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Been a while since I've posted so heres a bunch of stuff. 












Trying to not get to bogged down on any one project. Want to keep the creativity and speed flowing.

Which helps me learn much faster in my opinion. Stays fun and doesnt feel so much like a chore.

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Hey an old thread how about that. A bit of a change since some of these posts got started.


Still messing around with things, mostly coming up with idea for scifi stuff. Tossing roughs into ue5 because you know, We can now. Why not. Just trying to get a feel for a big project that I might pitch later on. More then likely not but I'l be tossing some stuff on an asset store sooner then later. When things start getting finished.


UE5 RunAround

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