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Adding specialist in MP

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Having trouble adding a specialist(Susan Grey) to go with the 4 classes in MP. I have added a .atr to the MP Actor Files folder and added the .atr along with kits in the .kil file.

The .atr contains the LODs and faces for woodland , desert and jungle. The specialist appears in game along with the correct weapons.

The problem is the setup screen where the specialist can be chosen. Susan Grey's model never appears but either a standard male sniper or rifleman. I can chose Susan because I know her assigned kits. The kit number is not preceded by which type of kit it is.

Below is a pic of her ingame and how "she" appears in the setup screen. At the moment going in circles.

Susan Grey.jpg


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Still no joy. I'm doing this because I re-did all the sounds for Female Voice and does she have an attitude. Wanted friends I play with to have a taste of it.

I even renamed the character files so they had no reference to any of the specialist. This did take away the characters female voice responses.
I had read if you wanted any character to have female voice to precede the .chr file name with astra and this worked but still not working correctly in Platoon Setup.

This is frustrating to say the least as I know it works as you did it in HU.
In the platoon setup screen it never gets the class name correct or are the kit names shown correctly. The kits are only numbers and not preceded with i.e. Sniper Kit:

Probably a minor over sight on my part.  About to throw my hands up.


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