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System Meltdown


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This isn't a post for support rather an FYI. 

If you ever have completely random artifacts and graphical glitches. That cause actual file damage and complete system freezes...

It could be your video card! or memory, I still don't know how I fixed it, is it even fixed? I dunno. 

This Saga started in 2010. After having made several moves in the year my mid sized tower has seen better days.

My life was in a state of chaos as I transitioned quickly from one city to another about 4 times. Very little attention was given to this system since that day until more recently. 

So in 2011 It started artifacting. Strange pink lines, currupting game files, and freezing. I checked the usual suspects. Ran diagnostic tools, checked logs, and attempted a trouble shoot.

Everything seemed fine but obviously it was not. Lack of better explination for what was going on I figured I would swap the video card.

It worked and fixed the issue... for 3-4 months. Then it was back again. I decided to let it be and lay off any gaming or 3d work until I could get back into it and start with a fresh system.

A couple years pass by and I decide to start making a mod. getting into it pretty good. I knew the issue was there and potentialy some files would go currupt. I decided to use it anyways. it was regularly unstable but didnt seem to be very freqent. 


Then one day it decided to take out multiple 3d model files with zero chance of recovery. All in one shot several weeks of work gone. 

That brings me to this last week or two. Since the curruption saga seemed to be a fact of life in this machine I mostly used it as a media pc. 

Until this last week. When all my videos suddenly start artificating and freezing just like a video game. 


Lucky me I had enough on the side to give this system a proper rundown. So begins the trial and error trouble shooting method.


This is what it came down to. The motherboard reads and displays voltages wrong. Years of frustration and maybe even a slightly under performing power supply the whole eltrical side was screwed up. 


Voltages are off on the main board. also the PSU was now running low consistantly. 

Basicaly the combo of issues killed most of the hardware. untill i bought replacements in the last week.


I have basically just made a new dinosaur pc.....


AMD FX X2 6400+ 3.2ghz

Gigabyte GA790FX-DS5

2x2GB GSkill DDR2 800

Geforce 710


To make things more fun. I put it on windows 10! Its runs ok.

Sadly however I didnt fix this system to last. It will spend another year or two connected to the TV. 


So if you have crazy graphic glitches do what I didnt. Start ordering parts to trouble shoot. Before you cant find any parts again. 

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See the graphic glitches have me saying video card, but the file corruption has me saying RAM. 

both of them together has me saying power supply or software... the former of which you already mentioned. 


Just a curiosity... not trying to diagnose, you seem to already have that handled.


I also got horrible and i mean HORRIBLE artifacting when connected to my TV, if i alt tabbed a game the screen would turn bright green with black lines running accriss it until i alt tabbed again.

bought a little AOC monitor instead and i've not had a single issue since

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Yep systems are strange these days. Im use to common quickly diagnosed problems but this one has had me on the fence. Im still debating if the motherboard is killing the system off. 

50$ I can replace it too. 


Problems is Am2/am2+/Am3 are all discontinued as far as im aware. 


Its all good though. New system is coming in marchish.

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Motherboard or PSU are probably most likely the culprits.


If you get an AM3+ motherboard it will work with an AM3 CPU perfectly fine :) i believe its the same for AM2 as well AMD motherboard sockets are backwards compatible AFAIK

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There is a motherboard out right now that... check this out! runs Am2, Am2+, Am3, Am3+

Also has 4 memory dimms 2xddr2, 2xddr3. 95watt Cpu only. 

AM3+ = DDR3

AM3= DDR3 / DDR2

AM2, AM2+ = DDR2


AM4 = DDR4 is expected in february so I'm waiting for that. Suppose to give intel's I5 and I7 line a run for the money.

Gigabyte already has a few designs ready including a couple MicroAtx boards which is what I want. Not to mention they make HPs boards too which already incorporate the AMD Zen architech. 

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